The 8 Best Music Controlled Lights

Ever wondered how to synchronize lights with music? You should start by getting lights that sync with music. Yes, there are specific music controlled lights, and you can easily connect them to your sound system.

If you’re interested in getting these lights and are looking for the best, this post is your go-to resource. On here, we have researched and highlighted the top music sync lights that are suitable for bedroom, kitchen, and dining decorations.

Of course, you can also use these lights to decorate birthday parties, weddings, get-togethers, and more. Perhaps there is no need to tell you this as you already know the uses, right? If so, let’s head right over to our top picks.

List of the Best Music Controlled Lights:




Music Sync 65.6FT/20M LED Strip Lights

Micomlan Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights

50Ft LED Strip Lights Music Sync Color Changing

Micomlan 50ft/15M Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights

32.8 ft. LED Strip Lights Music Sync LED Lights

Cozylady Music Sync Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights

PATIOPTION LED Music Sync Color Changing Lights

GUSODOR Waterproof Music Sync Color Changing LED Strip Lights

The Best Music Controlled Lights — Reviews

1. Music Sync 65.6FT/20M LED Strip Lights

 Music Controlled Lights

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Want to light up your bedroom in a unique way? These strips lights come in different colors that can decorate areas like dining rooms, driveways, bedrooms, and kitchens. It can also serve as decorative lighting for Christmas and Halloween. It has cutting marks that help separate and create a fitting arrangement with the LEDs.

The lights feature a 65.6 feet strip, producing 16 million different colors that can change with music beats. It also has a built-in microphone that picks up surrounding music and changes the lights colors accordingly.

This RGB LED strip can be controlled through the HappyLighting app, the 24-key remote, or the controller. For optimal functionality, the strips should only be plugged into a 12V/5A power adapter, which comes with the kit.

Note that the lights are designed for indoor use only. You should not use them outside as they aren’t weatherproof. You may want to see our outdoor lights selection here.

2. Micomlan Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights

 Music Controlled Lights

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Decorating dining rooms, indoor-kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas alike is possible with the Micomlan Music Sync LED Strip Lights. The strip is 82 feet long, comes with a 3-button controller, smartphone app, and remote control, which all are provided to help you control the light conveniently.

It gives off 16 million colors, and the lights sync with music beats or sounds picked up by its built-in mic. With the smartphone app, you can adjust the brightness, switch between modes, and more.

The design lets you separate the strips to fit small areas you like to have the lights on.

As a LED light, it emits extremely low heat that helps save energy. It also features short circuit protection that safeguards the strips from power issues.

Overall, you can enjoy the convenience of controlling your lights remotely and also having them sync with music. This further adds color to your interior living spaces. Besides, the music sync function can be utilized for parties and other similar functions.

3. 50Ft LED Strip Lights Music Sync Color Changing

Music Sync lights

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This 50 feet RGB LED Strip Light comes with three primary lights colors, red, green, and blue, and also changes to numerous colors when in use. You can control this light via the remote controller and smartphone app. The app (Ehome Light app) is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Via the app, you can change the colors, adjust the brightness, and turn the lights on or off. You can also set this light on music mode to sync with music beats. This feature can add more colors to your decoration, and it works great for parties.

Installing this light is relatively straightforward—no hardwiring required. Besides, it comes with all necessary accessories for installation, including the guide.

The light is perfect for decorating bedrooms, kitchens, dorm rooms. You can also place it on the back of your TV. It can also serve as decorative lighting for birthday parties, weddings, and other events.

4. Micomlan 50ft/15M Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights

Lights that sync with music

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Yes, these LED strip lights also sync with music, which could be the primary feature you want. But there’s more; you can also decorate your bedroom and living room to an exceptional standard with these lights.

The lights have a 50 feet long strip, which emits 16 million colors, and features 22 dynamic modes. More so, you won’t have to walk around your home to turn on and off the lights via traditional switches. It is designed with a remote controller and mobile app for easy and convenient controlling of the lights.

More so, they are low voltage lights and thus emit low heat. They don’t get so hot, and you can even touch them by mistake without getting hurt or experiencing any electric shock. This feature also contributes to low energy consumption, which saves you money.

Overall, these music controlled lights are effective, stylish, safe for indoor use, and durable. They may even last longer than expected.

5. 32.8 ft. LED Strip Lights Music Sync LED Lights

Music sync light

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You can make your staircase lights dance according to the tone of your music with these lights. Not just staircases, these lights can decorate your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. You can also enhance birthday parties, weddings, and more with them.

The strip is approximately 33 feet long and can produce up to 16 million colors. It has more than 20 dynamic modes as well as the mic mode and music mode.

The strip can be operated via the remote control, the Lotus Lantern app and the 3-button controller. The smartphone app provides more control in terms of mode changes and color choices. At the same time, the 3-button controller and remote button carry out basic operations like changing colors and activating or deactivating the lights.

This strip light is not weatherproofed, which means it can’t be used near water or in wet conditions.

6. Cozylady Music Sync Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights

Christmas music sync light

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This Cozylady WIFI LED Strip Light is 65.6 feet long but comes in two rolls, with each one at just over 32 feet. It features a design that helps you separate the strips by cutting at every 3 LEDs on the cutting marks. This is useful in the decoration of smaller areas.

The strips produce several dimmable lights. With the Tuya app or Smart Life app, you can control the light, adjust its brightness, switch between different scenes, and more.

It has a mic and music mode. So you can configure it to work with mic or music. That is, the lights change colors as one speaks through the mic and also changes colors along with music beats. You may know where this function works better if you’re looking for music sync lights. However, they are best for parties and other similar operations. It adds more colors to your décor. It also works for Christmas designs.

Another feature you may like about this strip lights is its compatibility with Google Home and Alexa. You probably know what that means; you can control the lights hands-free—via voice commands.

Installing this light is also easy, and you can do it quickly with the available installation accessories and guide.

 7. PATIOPTION LED Music Sync Color Changing Lights

LED light that sync with MIC

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The PATIOPTION LED Strip Light is 65 feet long and can be cut into smaller pieces along with the cutting marks for customized installation. It produces several colors that can be changed via the mobile app, remote control, and the control switch. The music mode changes the lighting effect according to music beats. This strip light is dimmable, which helps save energy.

You need to plug the light into a power outlet through a 12V adapter for optimal performance. The adapter is included in the kit.

If you’re looking to add more style to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other areas alike, this LED strip light could be a perfect choice.

Note that you can only use it indoors as it’s not waterproofed.

8. GUSODOR Waterproof Music Sync Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Music Controlled Lights

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This music color changing strip lights comes last in our list. But certainly not the least; it has all features that make it perfect for decorating your bedroom, kitchen, living room and also ideal for parties.

Unlike others, it is waterproof, which means you can use it in wet areas. So if your party is outdoors, you can hang the light anywhere, not minding the weather conditions.

To control the lights, you can either use the mobile app or remote control. The Lotus Lantern mobile app and remote control help you change the colors, dim and also switch the lights on or off.

The music mode lets you sync the lights with music beats, while the microphone mode changes the lighting effect according to the emerging sound. The LEDs can be slit along the cutting marks to break into small lengths.

It’s also worth mentioning that the package includes all accessories needed to set up the light and the process takes less time.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Music Controlled Lights

Music sync lights are primarily used for decorative purposes. So the major thing you want to consider is the music sync feature, right? Perhaps that’s somewhat true, but you need to consider other factors as you’re either going to use this light indoors or at parties where you have many attendees. So here’s what you should consider;


Note that indoor lighting requires low voltage lights to prevent electric shock or effect of the high heat bulbs. Therefore, after confirming that the light has the music sync feature, you want to ask what the voltage is before you opt for it. 12-volts’ lights are rated low voltage and marked safe for places where people can mistakenly come in contact with the bulbs.

Color Changing

Of course, the beauty of lights that sync with music is to see them change to a zillion colors following the music beats. Lights with just two or three colors may not do the “magic”, so make sure to consider this before you buy.

Remote Control

This may be optional, but it makes sense to control your lights without going close to where you have the switches. Controlling lights remotely could either be via a mobile app or remote control. Some lights come with the two methods, while others may have one. You can turn lights on, off, increase or decrease brightness, change modes, etc.

If this makes sense to you, then you want to consider this feature before you buy.

Installation Accessories

For lights that require hanging, you need the appropriate hooks to fit them on the right positions. The same applies to wall lights—you need the suitable mountain hardware to install them. You should have the primary mounting accessories in the pack to help you get your lights working in no time.

So check to see if at least the primary mounting accessories are included in the kits before you buy.

What’s more; all our recommended lights have these features. You may scan through to find the one that meets your needs.

Wrapping Up

At the core, music controlled lights are mainly decorative lights. So you want to ensure you get lights with reliable music sync functions. You also need lights with multiple colors to spice up your event, mood, etc.

While it could be a bit tricky to find the best, we have simplified the process by researching the best of these lights using the metrics mentioned above. So you can explore our list to get any of them that appeals to you.

If you have purchased any of these lights based on our recommendation, kindly leave us a feedback about your experience.