5 BEST Smart Locks for Doors in 2022 (EASY & Convenient)

Smart locks are convenient and work in dynamic ways, enabling you to control your home’s safety easily. Whether you are looking for a simple or elaborate system, this post is your guide to best smart locks for doors in the market. 

With hundreds of locks out there, finding the perfect smart lock for your door is a tricky process. This is why we took it upon ourselves to research about 100 smart locks, test the best 10 and narrow it down to our favorite 5

Read on to see the features of each lock, and how we picked them based on quality, safety, ease of installation, and affordability. 

Our Top Picks 

  Product Details    
01 Honeywell Safes & Door Locks Electronic Entry Deadbolt  Best Overall: Honeywell Electronic Entry Deadbolt With Keypad This stylish satin-colored lock is both stylish and secure. Check Price
02 OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Security Lock Best For Budget: OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Security Lock If you are looking for a great deadbolt lock with a keypad on a budget, this is a great deal. Check Price
03 Kwikset Electronic Keypad Best For Entry Doors: Kwikset Electronic Keypad This lock can store up to nine owner keypad IDs and has an auto-lock option Check Price
04 ULTRALOQ Smart Lock And Bridge WiFi Adaptador Best Modern Smart Lock: ULTRALOQ Smart Lock And Bridge WiFi Adaptador With a fingerprint ID, voice control, and smartphone features – this lock is modern and top of the line. Check Price
05 Eufy Smart Lock Eufy Security Smart Lock Wifi Bridge Best Smart Bridge For Your Eufy Smart Lock: Eufy Security Smart Lock Wifi Bridge What we loved about this bridge was its easy and speedy installation. Check Price

How We Chose the Best Smart Locks:

For this test, we considered some of the top brands for their quality, safety, ease of installation, and affordability. 

One top brand we looked at included Honeywell. It goes without saying that Honeywell is a Fortune 500 company specializing in technological advancements, and offers products for almost all facets of life. 

Another smart lock manufacturer is Eufy, which is also featured on our list after researching their multiple privacy and security products. 

Eufy’s products are not only meant to be easy to use but also for consumers to generate a collection of connected devices that work together to give their users a comprehensive smart home experience. 

We also considered companies that focus on lock security only. Orange IOT business model only focuses on the creation of smart locks. This uniquely specialized company specializes in what they do best, keeping your home locked and secure. 

Lastly, we sourced the internet for top-rated products that owners were loving on Amazon. Here, we compared ratings and reviews of 100 smart locks, tested 10, and narrowed down our top 5 picks. Check out the list!

The Best Smart Locks Reviewed

1.  Best Overall: Honeywell Safes & Door Locks Electronic Entry Deadbolt 

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks Electronic Entry Deadbolt 
Honeywell Safes & Door Locks Electronic Entry Deadbolt 

Product Rating:

Ease of Installation4/5
Technology 5/5

Material & Color: Metal, Níquel Satinado | Brand: Honeywell  | Special Characteristics: Automatic Lock | Included Components: Digital deadbolt, installation tool kit, and 2 keys included

What We Liked

  • Secure and stylish 
  • Easy installation 
  • Great for when you forget your keys
  • Ability to mute the buttons
  • Auto-lock capability

What We Didn’t Like

  • Could be more user-friendly 
  • Instructions were not detailed enough
  • Some users complained that they were sent a defective lock

This digital lock is both safe and convenient. The user also has the option to program a secret code for keyless entry.

This lock comes with a limited lifetime mechanical and finishes warranty for peace of mind, as well as a latch, mounting kit, and drilling templates.

Safety and versatility:

The Honeywell digital electronic deadbolt can use a traditional key or a 4 to 8-digit code for access. When we tested it out, keyless entry was seamless and fast as the programming guide was straightforward and easy.

In the event that all family members want their own access code, you can give out up to 50 individual codes that can be deleted once they are no longer needed. 

Another cool feature of this specific lock is that if the family ever goes on vacation, you can initiate a low-power state that disables the keypad and can only be reactivated by the owner. 

Ease of Use: 

This lock is easy to install and comes with shock protection, an installation accessory kit, two physical keys, and a single-cylinder deadbolt. Keep in mind this system does run on 4 AA alkaline batteries that must be purchased separately. 

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2. Best for Budget: Orange IOT Keyless Entry Security Lock

OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Security Lock
OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Security Lock

Product Rating:

Ease of Installation4/5
Technology 3/5

Material & Color: Metal Satin Nickle | Brand: OrangeIOT | Special Characteristics: low battery mode | Included Components: OrangeIOT RZ-A Touchpad and one key

What We Liked

  • Clear and concise instructions
  • Affordable price for the same amount of safety. 
  • Auto-lock feature for peace of mind. 
  • The installation process was seamless. 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers have gotten defective locks
  • Tech support is not responsive

This OrangeIOT keyless entry system provides easy access to your home using a highly responsive, illuminated keypad. With this keyless entry system, you also have the option of an mechanical override lock. 

This system has the capacity to use 20 easy user codes for guests and family members. This is especially useful for parents with kids and elderly family members. 

This door lock can be set to lock automatically within a range of 10 to 99 seconds. You can also set a one-touch motorized lock so you never have to worry about locking your door when in a hurry. 

Let’s look at some of the features of this useful smart lock.

Safety and Versatility: 

We tested the ease of programming and gave it a 10/10. Their manual was straightforward with useful illustrations that helped make storing 20 individual access codes for each family member easy.

You will be glad to know that this smart lock is not only weather-resistant, but you can also set it to a low-battery mode to preserve its longevity.

Ease of Use: 

This lock includes all the components and an easy-to-follow manual. Since this smart lock runs off 4AA batteries and requires no hard wiring, this is a simple lock to install and doesn’t require any kind of app or hub.

The manual has useful diagrams and clear directions, which makes installation easy and straightforward. Once programmed, entry was easy. As an added feature, this smart lock system makes a distinct beeping sound when it locks vs. when it opens. 

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3. Best for Entry Doors: Kwikset SmartCode 

Kwikset Electronic Keypad
Kwikset Electronic Keypad

Product Rating:

Ease of Installation3/5
Technology 4/5

Material & Color: Metal Satin Nickel | Brand: Kwikset | Special Characteristics: One-Touch Locking | Included Components: Keys and exterior and interior assembly

What We Liked

  • The installation process is relatively quick
  • One-time code for visitors. 
  • A clean and modern look that goes with most door handle styles.
  • The one-touch lock button is convenient. 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Programming instructions can be confusing 
  • Lighting can be dim at night
  • The mechanism is a little slow to lock/unlock

This keyless smart lock is easy to install and has the option to enter a low battery usage stage. This is especially helpful during the wintertime and rainy season to prevent system exhaustion. 

Depending on what action is being taken, the Kwikset button functions as the ENTER button and can be used to cancel. 

The installation process is straightforward and took us less than twenty minutes. Once installed, it was easy to lock and unlock the door. 

Safety and Convenience: 

This system will auto-lock 10-99 seconds after the door closes. This feature is especially convenient for busy parents with kids because you no longer have to double-check if you locked the door. 

This system can hold up to six customizable codes and can even use one-time codes.

And even though this system can only hold six distinct passcodes, this is a deal for a small-sized family who doesn’t have regular traffic coming and going. 

The temporary codes enable you to give access to one-time guests and service personnel when you are unable to be at home. When we tried it out, the one-time access code was immediately ineffective once used. 

Ease of Use: 

This system fits all standard doors with an adjustable latch. When it comes to compatibility this will fit the existing deadbolts in most homes, making it easy to install. 

The first thing to do is delete the factory-programmed code by following the provided instructions and then entering your preferred access code.

For an easier process, the smart lock should be fully installed first, and the door kept open while programming. 

If you experience trouble with the lock, check out this troubleshooting guide.

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4. Best Modern Smart Lock: ULTRALOQ Smart Lock and Bridge WiFi Adapter

ULTRALOQ Smart Lock And Bridge WiFi Adaptador
ULTRALOQ Smart Lock And Bridge WiFi Adaptador

Product Rating:

Ease of Installation4/5
Technology 5/5

Material & Color:  Zinc and black with satin nickel | Brand: ULTRALOQ | Special Characteristics: Fingerprint ID, Smartphone Control From Anywhere | Included Components: ‎Smart Lock, Wi-Fi Bridge Adaptor, Mounting Hardware, Key, AA Batteries, User Guide

What We Liked

  • Comes with an app for access
  • Fantastic customer support 
  • Fast fingerprint feature

What We Didn’t Like

  • Installation is meticulous 
  • The lockdown function can be frustrating

Because of its versatility, numerous features, and modern technology, this system is a higher-end ticket.

But these modern features allowed us to share access and see a record of which codes were being used, using the WiFi Bridge smartphone app. 

This system does include a remote key that you can share with short-term guests and service personnel but does work via fingerprint ID or an access code.

Ultimately, this smart door lock was fun to play around with since you get to control the time span access you allow anyone.

Safety and Convenience: 

Our favorite features are the smartphone control from anywhere, fingerprint ID, WiFi Bridge Adaptor, and the simple installation process despite all the smart technology. 

Keep in mind that this system does not use a key for entry. This is good news because you no longer need to worry about losing your keys or dealing with the hassle of entering your home when carrying packages. 

Ease of Use: 

This system can pair with Alexa, and Google Assistant so you can utilize voice control. It works with IFTTT, and it’s compatible with Apple Watch.

To test the compatibility, we paired it up with the apple watch, and the app was easy to use and very responsive. 

When it comes to installation, it’s very easy to do it yourself. We replaced the old deadbolt with a screwdriver, which was included. The fingerprint pairing was also easy, and it was able to store multiple fingerprints. 

This system can also enter low power mode, and was built for dust and extreme weather protection. 

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5. Best Smart Bridge for your Eufy Smart Lock: Eufy Security Smart Lock Wi-Fi Bridge

Eufy Smart Lock Eufy Security Smart Lock Wifi Bridge
Eufy Smart Lock Eufy Security Smart Lock Wifi Bridge

Product Rating:

Ease of Installation5/5
Technology 4/5

Material & Color: Gay & white | Brand: Eufy Security | Special Characteristics: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa | Included Components: Bridge 

What We Liked

  • Only compatible with Eufy Smart Locks 
  • Locks with voice commands 
  • Ability to check if the door is locked remotely. 
  • Easy to use and install 

What We Didn’t Like

  • It only links to the door lock. 
  • Eufy App can be finicky
  • We believe the device is overpriced. 
  • Inconsistent and Unresponsive customer support team. 

This is a Wi-fi bridge security that pairs with the Eufy lock system that allows you to unlock the door to your home from your phone no matter your location.

However, this bridge pairs with most smart touch locks, and this is why we included it in this list.

This is a cost-effective option compared to smart locks with remote access that are priced over three hundred dollars. This is an attractive option for travelers and people who are frequently away for work. 

This system has a sensor installed that allows you to know when someone is coming or going, notifying you as soon as your door is opened via the Eufy app. 

Keep in mind that only Eufy-certified WiFi security bridges can sync with a smart lock, and allow remote usage of the app.

Uncertified bridges will damage the smart lock. To check if the bridge you have is certified, check the manual that comes with the system. 

Safety and convenience: 

This smart lock bridge’s best feature is the ease of use from anywhere. This system can be connected to Alexa and Google assistant and users will appreciate being able to check remotely to confirm the door is locked. 

For this system to be most effective, ensure that there is a strong WiFi signal in your home.

When we tried it, the app lagged a little when it came to unlocking remotely and receiving updates. 

The lag lasted only a few seconds to one minute, which is not alarming considering it allows you to access it remotely. Though, this is most likely due to a weak WIFi signal. 

Ease of Use: 

We paired this bridge with Amazon Alexa, and it worked seamlessly. The push notifications allow you to authorize entry from any location. This is a great benefit for parents with forgetful teens. 

The bridge will connect seamlessly with modern Android and iPhones.

But, ensure that the phone you will pair with it is not too old. This technology supports smartphones manufactured within the last five years as some users with older phones have found difficulty pairing.

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How to Choose the Best Lock

There are Smart Locks that can be opened using an App or RFID Cards.

A smart lock is convenient, and most trusted brands have little to no technical issues. It is best to choose one based on lifestyle and weather conditions in the area. 

Although many of the smart locks highlighted here have a power-saving mode during extreme weather, the systems can malfunction. For our test, we found the smart locks with optional key access are good backups. 

The ULTRALOQ Smart Lock is an attractive and modern option, but first, consider your budget, and the amount of traffic that goes through your door. For most families, a Kwikset or Honeywell will work perfectly. 

Consider what you want to be able to do when it comes to accessing your home. Will you need features such as multiple access codes, remote access, voice control, or fingerprint access? 

Accessing these needs will help you budget and determine which products are best for you. 

To recap, Honeywell, OrangeIOT, and Kwikset were our top three featured smart lock brands because of their simplicity to install and capacity to use different access codes in the event there are multiple residents or need temporary codes for guests.

Honorable Mentions: 

1. Hugolog Electronic Door Lock – Considered for Best Overall

When we installed this smart lock, the manual and directions were easy to follow. However, the directions may be unclear for people who are less technologically oriented, but for us it was easy. 

This particular lock did not make the cut for our top ten since some customers found it challenging to uninstall, and some saw problems with its functionality, which might have just been defective versions. 

2. August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Considered for Best Installation

Hardware installation on this smart lock was an absolute breeze. It really isn’t any more complicated than installing a regular deadbolt.

Where we experienced trouble was with the WiFi connection, and the app did not function most of the time. 

Considering this is a big selling point of this smart lock, it’s a feature that needs to be fixed since about ten percent of customers complain about this same issue.

3. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock – Considered for Smart Bridge

For this lock, the installation process was quick and easy. A QR code is provided that sends you to a video installation guide that is also very useful.

The Bridge pairing makes this smart lock attractive since most of its competitors do not offer a smart bridge. However, we had some connectivity issues and some customers reported poor manufacturing. 

4. Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock Keyless Entry Door Lock – Considered for Best Fingerprint Access

When researching, we found that about one-third of customers found this product unsatisfactory due to the touchpad not working properly. Problems with battery installation were also reported. 

This just means that a few too many defective smart locks were sent out, which is why it was not in our top 5. 

5. Kwikset SmartCode 914 Traditional Smart Lock – Considered for Best smart lock for multiple doors

This product has a good rating when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, our main problem was that it was WAY too expensive for the level of functionality. 

Priced at over $200 on Amazon, we think this is a bit of an extravagant purchase that delivers the same results as its more affordable counterparts. 

6. Level Lock Smart Lock – Considered for Best Modern Smart Lock

We had two top reasons for disqualifying this product. We think it was overpriced since you can find products with the same functionality for $100 less. 

Secondly, the hassle of dealing with malfunctioning parts and tech troubles was about one-third when it came to customer reviews.