4 BEST Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Lights RANKED for 2022

Outdoor lighting provides security against intruders and comfort when moving about your property after dark, and is also one of the most impactful parts of your home design and aesthetic. 

Gooseneck barn lights highlight your property while contributing to the overall appearance and creating a pleasant ambiance. 

The gooseneck barn light also provides a nice visual shape while being easy to install. 

We tested 10 of the best outdoor gooseneck lights and rated them based on durability, weather resistance, safety, and more.

We narrowed the field down to our top 4 picks and reviewed them below, plus an additional 4 honorable mentions. 

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Bestshared Farmhouse Wall Mount Lights Fixture Best Overall: Bestshared Farmhouse Wall Mount Lights Fixture Beautiful and stylish, with subtle copper accents – an elegant and effective decor solution. Check Price
02 14 Inch Black LED Gooseneck Barn Light Best For Adjustability: 14 Inch Black LED Gooseneck Barn Light Sturdy, sleek, and adjustable, these lights automatically turn on and off at sunset and sunrise. Check Price
03 Sunlight 46067-SU 12 Inch Wall Mounted Gooseneck Barn Fixture Best Weatherproof: Sunlight 46067-SU 12 Inch Wall Mounted Gooseneck Barn Fixture Tasteful accents and easy installation supplement the sturdy design of this dimmable light. Check Price
04 Goalsplus Outdoor Barn Light With Wall Mount Exterior Gooseneck Light Fixture Best Durability: Goalsplus Outdoor Barn Light With Wall Mount Exterior Gooseneck Light Fixture This warm-toned light comes in a stylish design, is waterproof, and will last for years. Check Price

How We Chose the Best Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Lights

Installing lights seems simple until you start the process, at which point it can feel overwhelmingly complicated. 

Once you know what kind of lighting you need and the style you want, there are other factors to consider.

We used the following breakdown to help you make the best choice for your needs.


Ease of installation is a big factor in choosing the right lights for your home. 

If the installation is complicated and you do not have the skills to install them yourself, you risk damaging your home or paying more money than you planned in order to have someone else install them for you. 

Therefore, part of our ranking is based on how straightforward the installation is and how clear the provided instructions are.


Nothing is more frustrating than installing an appliance and having it burn out right away.

Outdoor lights need to last a long time and withstand occasional basketball hits if the pick-up game the neighbor’s kids are playing goes awry. 

We evaluated each outdoor gooseneck light for how sturdy it is against bumps and knocks. 


Outdoor lights are exposed to UV rays that bleach the paint and degrade wire coatings.

They are also hit with wind and debris in storms and put up with snow, ice, heat, and dust. 

The light must be built with proper sealant and sturdy construction not to be materially damaged by strong weather. 

Secondly, no one likes peeling paint and bleached colors, so we rated how well the lights maintained their appearance through exposure to the elements. 


You want your lights to provide safety, comfort, and security, so the light you choose must fit your needs. 

Overly harsh, bright lighting hurts your eyes, has the potential to clash with your home aesthetic, can keep your eyes from adjusting to the dark, and has negative implications for wildlife and dark sky protection. 

However, if the lights are too dim, they may not be powerful enough to provide your property the safety and security you need them to.

Because of that, we rated lights based on the strength, color, and flexibility of the illumination. 

Best Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Lights Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Bestshared Farmhouse Wall Mounts Light Fixture

Bestshared Farmhouse Wall Mount Lights Fixture

Product Ratings


Brand: Bestshared | Features: Copper Accents | Height: 13.5” | Diameter: 11.4”

What We Liked

  • Beautiful finish with warm copper accents
  • Independently rated for superior durability, finish, and safety
  • Compatible with nearly every home decor aesthetic

What We Didn’t Like

  • Complex installation
  • Lightbulbs not included

For all the necessary considerations of brightness and lifespan, the fact remains that you want your outdoor lights to match your landscape design and overall home decor.

For that reason, we heartily recommend the Bestshared Farmhouse lights. 

The black finish and copper interior are timeless, sleek, and compatible with many home designs.

The matte finish is subtle yet the copper bell interior gives a lovely, warm accent. 

This fixture uses an E26 base bulb of up to 100-watts and the construction is ETL certified for durability, safety, functionality, and finish. 

The only drawback to this light is that it is more labor-intensive to install. Likewise, the lightbulbs are sold separately, and installation requires hardwiring it yourself. 

Contact an electrician if you are not confident in your electrical skills so you can save yourself a headache down the line. 

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2. Best for Adjustability: 14 Inch Black LED Gooseneck Barn Light

14 Inch Black LED Gooseneck Barn Light

Product Ratings


Brand: ZJOJO | Features: Swivel Joint | Height: 13.8” | Diameter: 14.2”

What We Liked

  • Swivel joint allows for adjustable lighting angles
  • Photocell automatically turns light on when the sun goes down
  • Dark Sky compliant
  • Tasteful design and extremely durable construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Several reviewers noted inconsistent quality in the mounting brackets, though we didn’t have this problem

We loved the adjustable settings of this sleek, stylish light, and the swivel joint that allows you to customize the angle of light.

The 24-inch LED lamp is equipped with pre-installed dawn to dusk photocell that automatically turns the light on once it gets dark outside.

But if auto on and off is not your cup of tea, you can connect to a timer or set it to turn on and off manually. 

This model also has excellent durability and is rated to last for 50,000 hours, up to 25 years. 

The LED bulbs consume minimal energy and are therefore a good power – and money -saving option, while lasting far longer than standard fluorescent bulbs, which keeps you from replacing bulbs frequently. 

The light is beautiful and warm but strong enough to serve all your lighting needs.

Curious about warm vs cool light? Check out this article on the costs of cool like and the benefits of warm lighting

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3. Best Weatherproof: Sunlight 436067-SU 12 Inch Wall-Mounted Gooseneck Barn Fixture

Sunlight 46067-SU 12 Inch Wall Mounted Gooseneck Barn Fixture

Product Ratings


Brand: Sunlite| Features: Flush wiring | Height: 11.5” | Diameter: 12”

What We Liked

  • Elegant design
  • Excellent weatherproofing
  • Straightforward installation
  • Tasteful, warm accent color inside the bell

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bulbs not included
  • Smaller shade diameter than others 

We love the swoops and curves on this stylish gooseneck barn fixture.

It is subtle enough for indoor use but weatherproofed well enough to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. 

Because the sealant is UL-certified for use in wet and rainy environments, the painting will retain its colors in the sun, and the wall plate is fully concealed in the electric box to keep a sleek and streamlined look. 

Looking for an indoor upgrade? Check out our list of the best remote control ceiling lights. 

While installation is straightforward and the bulbs are sold separately, this outdoor gooseneck barn light is compatible with any incandescent or LED A19 bulb.

Some reviewers did note that the adjustable joint loosens over time and can cause the gooseneck arm of the light to sag. 

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4. Best Durability: Goalplus Outdoor Barn Light with Wall Mount Exterior Gooseneck Light Fixture

Goalsplus Outdoor Barn Light With Wall Mount Exterior Gooseneck Light Fixture

Product Ratings


Brand: Goalplus | Features: Flush wiring | Height: 9.9” | Diameter: 9.8”

What We Liked

  • Easy to install
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Competitive price compared to others we tested
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion coatings
  • 3-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lip around the edge curls upward which catches water when it rains and can lead to rusting and wear
  • Bulb sold separately

This light is on the smaller end of our lineup, but it is sleek, stylish, and designed to resist the elements with its weatherproof coatings.

Treated for rust, corrosion, rain, and sunlight, it will last you in any outdoor setting. 

This light is ETL-rated for quality, so you can be sure that your investment will last, and comes with a 3-year warranty. 

While installation does require hardwiring, the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Likewise, the guide and all necessary installation accessories are included, including the wall sconce and tools. 

It does not come with bulbs, but it is compatible with any incandescent or LED E26 bulb with a max of 60-watts.

We personally love the look of this light with Edison-style LED bulbs.

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Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest for AdjustabilityBest WeatherproofBest Durability
Overall Rating5/54.75/54.25/54.25/5

The Winner

The Bestshared Farmhouse Wall Mount Lights Fixture won in a field of extremely competitive options.

It takes E26 LED bulbs, so the look can be vintage if desired, while it shedding lovely warm light. 

How to Choose the Best Gooseneck Barn Light 

Gooseneck Barn Light
Depending on the style and your budget, there are a lot of Gooseneck lights you can choose from.

We know it can be hard to choose the perfect outdoor lighting for your home.

There are many beautiful barn light options, and many are nearly identical. These are the things we consider when choosing outdoor lighting.

Consider Your Lighting Needs

Perhaps you want a nice ambient glow to add to your building’s aesthetic or a bright light to illuminate steps.

Whatever your lighting needs, consider both the color of the lighting and the brightness when evaluating which light will suit your needs. 

Ease of Installation

Sometimes you feel inclined to undertake a home improvement project, but if you don’t moonlight as an electrician or handyman, the complexity of installation may change your opinion on the light. 

We rated the lights based on how clear the instructions were so that you can follow them if you DIY, and make it very clear upfront if complicated installation is required, so you can call an electrician.


The best outdoor lights should blend with your aesthetic. We selected timeless designs for our review that have the greatest versatility to fit most home decor schemes. 

But when choosing your gooseneck light, pick the light that fits your style.

Weatherproofing and Durability

Because these outdoor lights are exposed to the sun, wind, rain, and snow, you don’t want the finish to fade and flake away.

We rated the lights based on how resistant they are to wear and tear from the elements, so keep that in mind when choosing your gooseneck light. 

Want remote control over your lights? Try one of the Best LED Lights Controlled by Phone.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at 4 more outdoor gooseneck lights we tested that didn’t quite make our list.

1. LEONLITE LED 14 Inch Gooseneck Barn Light – Considered for Best Overall

We liked this adjustable and durable light and were particularly pleased by the 5-year warranty, but our reviewers slightly preferred the elegance of the BestShared Farmhouse Wall Mounted Light

2. Maxxima 12 Inch LED Gooseneck Barn Light – Considered for Best Overall 

This was a sturdy, energy-efficient, and budget-friendly choice, but the light was very bright, cool, and had no dimmer option, so we prefer the softer glow of the Besthared Farmhouse Wall Mounted Light.

3. ASD LED Large Gooseneck Barn Light with Photocell – Considered for Best Weatherproof

This light is fully rated for the outdoors.

However, the bell on the Sunlite 40467 Wall Mounted Gooseneck Barn Fixture was noted by our reviewers to be slightly more protective of the lightbulb. 

4. Design House Mason Wall Light – Considered for Best Durability

The streetlamp design of this industrial modern light is very tasteful, appealing and well-suited to many home decor aesthetics, but reviewers noted it was still holding up well after more than a year.

However, the light wasn’t very bright, so the GoalsPlus Outdoor Barn Light narrowly won for slightly more powerful illumination.