What Smart Door Locks Work with Alexa? (2021 Update)

You probably know what Alexa is. Of course, a voice assistant system that lets you control compatible smart devices via voice command.

Interestingly, you can now control your smart door locks via Alexa, but they have to be compatible with the Alexa system.

If you’re looking for the latest smart locks that work best with Alexa, this article is simply your go-to resource. Let’s head right into it!

Here are the best smart door locks that work with Alexa:

Manufacturer Lock/Model Key Features
Schlage Schlage Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt Compatible with Alexa, Built-in Wi-Fi, Touchscreen, Access Codes, Smartphone App.
Kwikset Kwikset 99390-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Built-in Wi-Fi, SmartKey Security.
Yale Yale Assure Lock SL Works with Alexa via a Smart Hub, Built-in Z-Wave, 9V Long Lasting Battery.
Kwikset Kwikset 99380-001 Wi-Fi Smart Lock Built-in Wi-Fi, Alexa Enabled, SmartKey Security, Access Codes, BHMA Certified.
Schlage Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Lock Works with Alexa with a Hub, Connects via Z-Wave, ANSI Grade 1 Rating, Anti-Pick.
August August Smart Lock Pro Z-Wave, Works with Alexa via August Wi-Fi Bride, Door Sensor, Smart Keypad.

Read on to learn more about the features of each lock, including tips to connect your lock with Alexa.

Best Smart Locks that Work with Alexa: Reviews

1. Schlage Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

What Smart Door Locks Work with Alexa

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If you’re looking for a smart lock that efficiently works with Alexa, here’s one of those that tick all the boxes. The lock comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and allows users to connect directly to Alexa. Once connected, you can lock and unlock your door via voice command, and also check the status of your lock.

The lock has other unique features that make it stand out. This includes the built-in Wi-Fi that doesn’t require a hub to connect to your smartphone for remote control.

More so, the smart lock features a touchscreen that lets you lock and unlock your door via access codes. Users can create up to 100 access codes for family and friends.

The lock also comes with a built-in alarm that senses potential security threats and sends notifications to your phone.

2. Kwikset 99390-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Smart Door locks for Alexa 2021

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This is another smart lock with excellent remote control features, including voice commands. Yes, the lock works with Alexa and other voice assistant systems.

This lock requires no hub to connect to your smartphone as it’s designed with built-in Wi-Fi. To control it remotely, you’ll need to install the app on your phone—available for Android and iOS phones. With the app installed on your phone and connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can lock, unlock your door, and also view the lock’s status/activity.

The lock also features Kwikset’s SmartKey Security that protects against lock bumping, picking, and other break-in tricks.

Overall, this lock offers users an excellent way of controlling their locks remotely, and it’s also built with security in mind.

3. Yale Assure Lock SL

Alexa Compatible door locks

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The Yale Assure smart lock is packed with many exciting features, including voice control. As you do expect, it’s compatible with Alexa, meaning you can pair it with Alexa for hands-free control.

Unlike the two smart locks above, this lock has no built-in Wi-Fi but Z-Wave. So, you need a third-party hub to connect with Alexa for voice control. More so, connecting to your smartphone for remote control also requires a hub, as smartphones are not native to Z-Wave.

Other notable features of this lock include 9V batteries that last long and ease of installation. The lock can replace your existing deadbolt if you have a standard door of 1-3/8 to 2-4/4 inches thick. You only need a screwdriver for the installation.

4. Kwikset 99380-001 Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Alexa Enabled smart door lock

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With this Kwikset’s smart lock, both your phone and voice can become your key. Yes, the lock works with Alexa, meaning you can lock and unlock your door via voice command if successfully connected. Also, the lock is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi that connects directly to your phone for remote control.

As typical with Kwikset locks, it’s equipped with the SmartKey Security for protection against lock bumping, picking, and drilling. The lock also features a keyhole and the SmartKey Security Technology makes rekeying a breeze; users can rekey in just a few seconds without calling a locksmith.

The lock is BHMA certified, which authenticates its security status.

Users can also control this lock via the keypads, it allows up to 250 security codes.

5. Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Lock

Door locks that work with Alexa Voice Assistant

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This Schlage lock works with Alexa but requires a hub for the connection. The lock uses Z-Wave as its communication protocol, the reason you can’t connect it directly to Alexa and other smart devices. However, it works fine with a compatible hub, such as SmartThings.

More so, the lock features a touchpad that lets users lock and unlock their doors through access codes. The touchscreen is finger resistant, so no worries about fingerprints, retention and smudges.

It also features a built-in alarm that signals you when there’s a forced entry attack, tamper, and other security threats.

To back its security status, the lock has the ANSI Grade 1 rating, which is the highest for residential locks.

6. August Smart Lock Pro

August smart lock that works with Alexa

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This is one of August’s smart locks that works with Alexa. This particular lock uses Z-Wave for connectivity, meaning users need to get a hub to connect with Alexa. You may connect via a third-party hub or August hub—August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. The lock comes with the hub, so you may not need to buy a separate one.

Apart from the Alexa features, the lock is packed with other great features such as remote control via your smartphone, smart keypad, and door sensor. The sensor notifies you about the status of your door—if it’s closed or left open.

The lock fits with most existing locks, you can attach it to your existing deadbolt—inside. It’s also easy to install and requires just a screwdriver to get it up and running.

What is Alexa and How Does It Work with Door Locks?

Amazon Alexa is a voice-based home assistant that lets you control “smart” things like lights, cameras, door locks, etc. The system only works with compatible smart devices, such as the smart door locks highlighted above.

Note: Alexa is not a physical product or a device but the AI or “brain” found in Amazon’s Echo Products such as the original Amazon Echo, the Amazon Tap, the Echo Dot, the Echo Show, and the Echo Look. You can set up any of these Echo products with compatible smart systems, including door locks, for voice controls.

How to Connect Your Smart Lock with Alexa

In this section, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting your smart lock with Alexa—using the August Smart Lock Pro as an example. Let’s begin!

  • Step 1: You’ll need an August Wi-Fi bridge or August Doorbell Camera, as the August Smart Lock Pro has no built-in Wi-Fi. You don’t need a Wi-Fi bridge if you’re using an August Wi-Fi Smart lock.
  • Step 2: Now, connect your lock to Wi-Fi via the hub (you can connect directly if you have a built-in Wi-Fi lock).
  • Step 3: With the Alexa app installed on your phone; launch the app and click the menu button, and select skills and games. The menu button can be found on the top left.
  • Step 4: Search for August Smart Home in the search bar. The search will reveal a red and black August logo; select the black August logo.
  • Step 5: Now to set up, click enable, and input your August account information. Once you’re logged in, click on agree to link accounts. And click on discover if your accounts are successfully linked—to discover devices.
  • Step 6: Now, your accounts are successfully linked and you can see your Alexa devices, where you can tell Alexa what you want; e.g. Alexa unlock my door. You can also view your lock’s status and more, depending on the configurations.

Note: this guide is based on the August Smart Lock Pro. Other smart locks may have a slightly different process, so be sure to check your user manual for a more detailed guide.

FAQs About Alexa Compatible Smart Door Locks

Can Alexa control door locks?

Yes, Alexa can control your door locks as long as they are compatible with the Alexa system. With your compatible lock, you’ll need to connect with any Amazon Echo Products directly or through a hub. You may have to install the Alexa app to complete the setup.

Can Alexa lock and unlock doors?

Yes, after you’ve successfully paired a compatible smart door lock with Alexa. Once connected, you can speak to Alexa to lock and unlock your door.

But to ensure the right person is the one requesting to unlock or lock the door, you’ll be required to say your access code first. With the voice control system, you can also confirm from Alexa if one of your doors is locked.

How does Alexa lock the front door?

You can lock your front door using a voice command such as “Alexa, lock the front door” and then say your passcode to grant permission. You can also manage your smart locks from the Amazon Alexa app interface after setting up the app.

Can Alexa work with my door lock without a hub?

Yes, if you have a built-in Wi-Fi lock, you can connect directly to Alexa, as the system uses Wi-Fi to communicate with compatible smart locks. But for non-Wi-Fi smart locks, you need a hub to translate data between your lock and Alexa.


Controlling your door locks remotely via a smartphone comes with many benefits, including improved security. On top of that, hands-free control makes it more interesting and beneficial.

Of course, you won’t have to carry physical keys around or worry about lock picking if your smart lock is completely keyless.

But you need to get a door lock that works flawlessly with Alexa to enjoy the convenience of controlling your door locks hands-free. Check our recommendations for the best smart locks that work with Alexa.