The 10 Best Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights

So you’re looking to get reliable outdoor wall lantern lights, correct? This page is sure your go-to resource as we have featured the best of them here.

Whether you’re looking for wall lantern lights with dusk to dawn features, LED lights enabled, weatherproof and more, you can find them in our top picks.

We have thoroughly researched these lights with due consideration of the above factors. We also went the extra mile to ask and see what other users are saying about the products. Of course, consumer rating is an excellent metric to measure product quality.

What’s more; we’re committed to ensuring you get the best outdoor lights to keep your home well lit and secure. If you’re ready to look through our top picks, here you go:

Best Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights at a Glance:



Westinghouse Outdoor Wall Fixture

Bowery 1-Light Outdoor/Indoor Wall Sconce

Sea Gull Outdoor Wall Lantern

Bestshared Outdoor Wall Lantern

2-Pack Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Lantern

LONEDRUID Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures

Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Lantern

Hykolity Outdoor Wall Lantern with Dusk to Dawn Photocell

Sunco Lighting 4 Pack Two-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern

MICSIU Outdoor Wall Mount Lantern Fixture

Top-Rated Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights — Reviews

1. Westinghouse Outdoor Wall Fixture

Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights

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This exterior wall light can be used to illuminate front or back entryways. The required bulb for this fixture is a 60-watt (maximum) E26 base bulb. It measures 12-3/8 inches’ x 7-7/16 inches in dimension; you want to note this to know where you can install it. However, you can fit it on walls of any porch, balcony, entryway, and other areas.

The light fixture features a vintage design that fit traditional and modern homes. More so, the light is constructed with good quality materials, and it is certified by ETL for safety.

This outdoor light fixture is weather-resistant, which means you can use it anywhere, not minding rain, sun, or snow. It’s designed to resist the effect of these weather conditions and won’t wear off quickly.

The outdoor lantern comes with installation instructions and all necessary hardware to install the lantern easily.

2. Bowery 1-Light Outdoor/Indoor Wall Sconce

Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights

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This light is designed by Bowery, a trusted name in light fixtures production.

The fixture requires a standard E26 base 60-watt bulb for standard illumination. It is suitable for both front doors and backdoors.

Apart from illuminating your outdoor space with this wall light, it has a matte black finish that adds to your home’s aesthetics. And you won’t replace this fixture after a short use as it’s quite durable.

This wall light fixture is designed for dual use—outdoor and indoors, and the design also complements most interior designs.

The wall lantern requires hardwiring and comes with all necessary mounting hardware for fast and easy installation. It’s built to resist harsh weather elements. So, it won’t have problems performing its job outside. You can use it under rain and sunlight.

3. Sea Gull Outdoor Wall Lantern

Modern exterior wall lights

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This exterior wall mounted light fixture comes in a beautiful finish and different sizes to meet various residential outdoor spaces’ needs. It features a clear beveled glass that complements its artistic and modern look.

You won’t use any random bulb in this fixture. It requires 2 Torpedo Candelabra 40 watt bulbs for bright and safe lighting. The bulbs are not included in the pack, so you have to buy them separately.

Though the light fixture has no IP rating, its construction meets the ETL efficiency standard for damp locations. If you want a wall lantern to brighten and decorate your exterior spaces, this light fixture could be the right option.

4. Bestshared Outdoor Wall Lantern

Wall Exterior Light Fixture

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This modern outdoor wall lantern from Bestshared will light up outdoor areas such as porch, patio, garden, and front door. It is compatible with LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, or CFLs, as long as they are standard E26 base bulbs.

This wall sconce light fixture comes in two colors—black and oil-rubbed bronze. You can choose between the two for the one that fits your home designs. Of course, both colors can match different designs, so you don’t need to stress what color to choose. More so, the light is available in one, two, and three packs. That is, one package contains one light fixture and so on. The price varies based on your chosen pack.

More so, each pack has the complete mounting hardware and installation guide for easy installation. You may also like this fixture based on its IP33 rating. This assures you of its quality.

The light fixture is also ETL listed, an addition to its safety ratings.

5. 2-Pack Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Lantern

Lantern Light Fixture for outdoor

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Do you need an outdoor wall lantern with dusk to dawn features, that’s what this lantern offers you. This feature helps detect sunlight and automatically turns off the light when the sun rises and puts the lamp on at dusk. It is an excellent way to save energy, which prevents an increase in energy bills. So it’s safe to say this light is energy-saving. The required T45 LED bulb also contributes to its energy-saving functions.

Its standard E26 base socket can also accept the A19 LED bulb and other similar bulbs. Aside from functionality, you can use this light to beautify your outdoor space. It is designed to fit most home’s decor.

The light fixture comes in two packs, along with mounting accessories and installation manual. You can quickly mount it yourself without spending extra bucks on hiring an electrician.

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6. LONEDRUID Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures

Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights

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This LONEDRUID outdoor wall light features a modern retro design that can be used to enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces. The fixture is compatible with any E26 base bulb. You can use LED bulbs in this fixture, which helps reduce energy consumption. The maximum wattage for bulbs usable in this fixture is 100W.

The light comes with all mounting components and a guide for easy installation. It has dimensions of 5.94” x 9.65” x 16.93” and a backplate sized 4.48” x 8.38”.

More so, this light is weatherproof and can be used in wet and sunny areas. It won’t wear off quickly even after prolonged use under extreme weather conditions.

For the best lighting experience, you should only use the recommended bulbs. This lantern light fixture is wall-mounted, so you can install it anywhere you see fit—both outdoors and indoors.

7. Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Lantern

Photocell wall lantern Light

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This wall Lantern comes with two pieces in a pack and uses LED bulbs for illumination. It supports LED light, and this helps reduce energy consumption. The light fixture also supports other E26 base bulbs. So ensure you’re buying a bulb of this standard for safety and better lighting.

You may also like the dusk to dawn feature of this outdoor wall lantern. As you know, dusk to dawn helps put off the light when the sun sets and turns it on at dusk. This feature also contributes to its energy-saving status.

It doesn’t end in functionality; this light can also add style to your home. It’s designed with aluminum housing, glass shade, and matte finish that complements most outdoor designs. You can use this light fixture on front doors, garden, porch, garage, and driveways.

The lamp also has the IP65 enclosure rating, which assures you of its quality. Of course, the fixture is weatherproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions—rain, sun, and snow.

8. Hykolity Outdoor Wall Lantern with Dusk to Dawn Photocell

Dusk to dawn Outdoor Wall mountain light fixture

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This outdoor wall lantern features a light sensor that helps bring the light on at dusk and off at dawn. This is an energy-saving feature that enables you to save money on energy bills. The wall lantern requires an E26 base bulb for lighting.

It can lighten up areas like a doorway, foyer, entryway, corridor, balcony, porch, or patio.

It’s designed with premium materials, including the glass shade. It is wall-mounted and requires hardwiring to get on. While the installation process is not so difficult, you may have to call an electrician to help you out since it requires hardwiring. But you can do it yourself if you have prior experience installing hardwired lights.

The light fixture is weatherproof, and you won’t have any problem using it where it’s exposed to rain and sun.

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9. Sunco Lighting 4 Pack Two-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern

Wall exterior light mount

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This outdoor wall lantern is available in 4 packs. It also comes with the necessary mounting accessories and setup manual for quick and easy installation. More so, it has a photocell sensor that turns the light on and off. Sounds good, right? Of course, that’s what you should expect from outdoor lights to reduce energy bills. But there’s more about this light fixture.

It’s designed with metal, which makes it quite durable. Besides, it’s weatherproof; you can use it anywhere fit even under direct sunlight and rain. It won’t wear off quickly.

It requires an E65 base bulb with a maximum of 40W. Ensure you only use the recommended bulb for a better lighting experience. Yes, you can also use a LED bulb but within the acceptable wattage.

10. MICSIU Outdoor Wall Mount Lantern Fixture

Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights

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This outdoor wall lantern light fixture is an ideal option to light up outdoor areas like a balcony, patio, garden, etc. It’s also suitable for indoor use, so you may decide to use it in your bedroom, and other interior spaces.

It requires only E65 base bulbs—no more than 100W. You want to make sure to only use the recommended bulb and wattage for the best lighting experience.

Unlike a few other light fixtures in our list, this fixture does not have the dusk to dawn feature, meaning it won’t automatically turn the lights on and off.

However, the light is quite durable and won’t wear off quickly. It’s weatherproof and can be used under sunlight and rain. Of course, it’s UL listed, which authenticates its quality.

For installation, the lamp comes with the required accessories and guide. It requires hardwiring, and you may have to hire an electrician to handle that part.

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Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights Related—Questions

What is the best wattage for outdoor lights?

From 80 watts and below is considered the best for outdoor lights. However, this depends on where the lights are used. You may even need up to 100 watts to illuminate some dark areas. If you’re lighting pathways, patios, or gardens, 40 watt provides excellent illumination. Again, you can increase it based on what you want but do not go beyond 100 watts.

Can I use outdoor wall lantern lights indoors?

Outdoor lights may have a high voltage that doesn’t fit interior spaces. Consider using them where appropriate. You can also go for lights designed for dual-use—outdoors and indoors. You can find them on our list above.

Can I turn off the dusk to dawn feature to use a timer?

This depends on your type of light fixture. Most light fixtures are designed with the on and off function to disable the photocell feature if you have another alternative like timers.

How do I know if my light fixture is weatherproof?

You can find this in the product description. Before you buy, you want to ensure you check the product description carefully to see if it is weatherproof or not. You can also speak with the vendor, depending on where you want to get it. Check our top picks to see all wall lantern lights with weatherproof features.

Can outdoor wall lights be hung?

No, wall lights are designed to fit on walls, and they come with wall mounting hardware only. You should get hanging lights if you’re looking to hang your lights. Go here to see our outdoor hanging lights top picks.

Wrapping Up

There’s no gainsaying; keeping your outdoor space well lit can help deter burglars. But is that all lighting offers? Certainly not! Lighting also beautifies your home, illuminates dark areas, creates excellent scenery, and more.

You have no reason to keep your home dark at night, as we already helped you sort out the best lights to consider among the glut. That is if getting the best lights has been your challenge.

Note that you need to install your lights fixture correctly to get the best out of them.

Did you use any of our recommended outdoor wall lantern lights? You can help us provide you and other readers more quality information by leaving feedback about your experience. See the comment section below.