The 8 Best Remote Control Floodlights

Our guess is you’re looking to get remote control floodlights, so you found your way to this page, correct? That guess might be right or wrong. In any case, this post contains the best floodlights that can be controlled via a remote controller.

You probably know what it means to control your outside lights remotely. It gives you the convenience of managing your lights from anywhere within your home. Who wouldn’t like such comfort? Plus, you can quickly turn off the lights when not in use to reduce energy consumption.

And that’s not all we considered in our selection process. We have featured floodlights that are also solar-powered, weatherproof, equipped with sensors, and more.

If you’re ready to have a look, here you go:

Our Top Picks:




SLARR Premium Aluminum Solar Outdoor Security Floodlight

11000mAh Outdoor Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control

Solar LED Barn Light—Outdoor/Indoor Floodlight

RGB 100W Color Changing Floodlight

AMORNO 3 Heads Adjustable Motion Sensor Solar Powered Floodlights

MOICO 20W RGB Color Changing Floodlight with Remote Control

UPONUN Waterproof IP67 60LED Outdoor Solar Floodlight

Olafus 2 Pack 60W RGB Colored Floodlight

The Best Remote Control Floodlights—Reviews

1. SLARR Premium Aluminum Solar Outdoor Security Floodlight

Remote Control Floodlights

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This solar outdoor security floodlight combines impressive brightness, wider coverage, motion sensing, 20000mAh long-lasting battery, and adjustable settings. The combination of those features makes it a perfect option for those looking to use floodlights mainly for security purposes.

More so, the light has seven operating modes, including the motion sensor mode that automatically turn the lights on when it detects motion. Other methods let you control the lights based on your preferences. It features a unique digital display that shows the battery level and the selected operation mode.

This floodlight comes with a remote control that lets you operate the light from your couch, bed and other comfort zones. This means the light can be operated without having to unmount it from its position. It’s aluminum construction, and IP65 enclosure rating makes it durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

2. 11000mAh Outdoor Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control

Remote Control Floodlights

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This outdoor remote control solar floodlight has 110 super bright white LEDs, giving off 1300 lumens in total. That’s enough to light up yards, garages, parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. It comes with a large 11000mAh battery as well as an extensive solar panel that stores sunlight.

This floodlight features three working modes for different lighting requirements. One of the modes keeps the lights dim until the motion sensor is activated, which is a security and energy-saving feature. The mode utilizes the device’s motion detectors to brighten up the light for 15 seconds when someone is within 15-20 ft. close.

Of course, it comes with a remote control that runs on 2 AAA batteries. So you can conveniently control the lights from anywhere within your home.

It’s weatherproof; so you can use it anywhere even under direct sunlight, rain or snow. It’s exceptionally durable and won’t wear off quickly.

3. Solar LED Barn Light—Outdoor/Indoor Floodlight

Remote Control Floodlights

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At 2,000 lumens, this LED floodlight is bright enough to light up a barn, backyard, or parking area. It also comes in other brightness capacities such as the 5,000-lumens option.

Though no specified run time, its 8000mAh battery should last longer as long as the solar panel gets enough sunlight. Yes, the light is solar-powered, so no worries about electricity bills when you keep your lights on throughout the nights.

The solar panel and floodlight are mounted separately. This independent installation makes the light suitable for indoor uses as well. However, interior setup may require a longer wire for connecting the light to the solar panel.

This light is also weatherproof, which means you can use it outside under extreme weather conditions.

If you’re looking for a floodlight with motion sensing capability for security purposes, this light is not an option as it has no motion sensors. But the light performs well for lighting up extensive areas to deter burglars.

4. RGB 100W Color Changing Floodlight

LED floodlight with remote control

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The TANSIR RGB floodlight features 100W LED lights and rated for outdoor and indoor uses. So if you’re specifically looking for LED floodlight with remote control, you may not be wrong choosing this light. It comes with four modes and 16 colors, which gives different light settings. The floodlight will brighten up gardens, yards, and can be used for weddings or party ambient lighting.

The light is not battery powered but comes with a US power cord to connect the device to an outlet. Also, it has no remote sensing capability. The timer function allows you to set the light’s working time. Of course, it comes with two remotes that can be used to control the light within a distance of 19.7-26.2ft/ 6-8m.

Whether the light will survive weather conditions is not a concern. Its IP66 rating and quality construction means it can survive rainstorms, high winds, or even snowfall.

Installing this light isn’t difficult; you can follow the instructions on the users’ guide to fit it where appropriate.

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5. AMORNO 3 Heads Adjustable Motion Sensor Solar Powered Floodlights

Flood light with remote control

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This is another excellent floodlight with remote control—designed to provide wide illumination. If you need a floodlight that can cover wider areas such as lawns, patios, pathways, porches garden, and more, you may want to give this light a try. The solar panel comes with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery and can be angled upward or sideways so the panel can get enough sunlight.

More so, the light comes with three modes, body induction and light dimming, always light and the motion sensor mode that lets the light come on when it detects movement. This feature may meet the needs of those who need remote sensing enabled floodlight.

As you may expect, the light comes with a remote controller. It’s also weatherproof and therefore suitable for use in wet locations, or under direct sunlight. It even benefits from sunlight as it’s solar-powered.

6. MOICO 20W RGB Color Changing Floodlight with Remote Control

Color changing floodlight

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Want your floodlights to switch colors? A color-changing floodlight can make that happen, and here’s one you want to consider. Moreover, it comes with a remote control that lets you set the colors to what you like.

This floodlight has four modes and 16 colors. Its multiple colors coupled with the different working modes, can create the perfect light arrangement for events like birthday parties and weddings. Equally, the multicolor lighting can be used for areas in the home that need to be decorated. It has 24 high-quality LEDs that are very bright, giving off 1200 lumens in total.

The light is neither battery-operated, nor does it come with a solar panel. But it features a power plug that connects to a power outlet.

More so, this outdoor light has a rating of 66, which means it can resist harsh weather conditions like excessive sunlight, rain or snow.

7. UPONUN Waterproof IP67 60LED Outdoor Solar Floodlight

Security Floodlights with Remote sensors

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This outdoor floodlight can be used to illuminate pathways, outdoor pet fencing, pools, and garages. It gives off a total brightness of 500 lumens and comes with a 6000mAh battery.

The pack contains two remote controls that can be used to adjust the brightness and working hours of the light, as long as you are within the remote controller range (a distance of 65ft.).

More so, this light is solar-powered, which helps reduce energy consumption. The solar panel and the light are mounted separately. This is so because the light is designed for indoor use too. For indoor use, you can connect the solar panel mounted outdoor to the light with a long cable.

With an IP rating of 67, the light won’t have any problem whatsoever surviving high winds, snowfall, and other harsh weather elements. The package also includes two stakes for those who’d instead prefer ground installation.

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8. Olafus 2 Pack 60W RGB Colored Floodlight

Remote Control Floodlights

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This is a colored floodlight with 16 colors and four operating modes. Each mode can be used with the different colors to create the perfect lighting setting for yards, stages, gardens, or party ambient lighting.

The package contains two-pack of the ‘Olafus Colored Floodlight’ and two remote controls. The remote can be used to turn the light on and off, choose the desired color, adjust brightness, and change mode when within the maximum controller range—a distance of 26ft.

The light also comes with the installation accessories and a guide to aid the installation. You can use it in wet, or sunny areas as it’s weatherproof.

Note that the light does not have remote sensor capability; neither does it come with a battery and a solar panel. But it features an electric plug and adjustable bracket for direct connection into a power outlet. You may consider this as a downside, as you have to regulate the lights to reduce high energy consumption.

Remote Control Floodlights—Related Questions

What distance does the Floodlights Remote controller cover?

It varies based on the brand. Some may cover up to 65ft, 266ft and so on. In any case, you should be able to control your lights anywhere within your home. Make sure to check the maximum range before making a purchase.

What if the floodlights remote stops working?

Usually, the lights are designed with other methods of controlling them along with remote control. You can switch to other methods (like traditional switches) when the remote is faulty. On the one hand, your remote may require cleaning of the keypad or changing the battery to get it working again. So check to see if you can quickly fix it with some simple hacks.

Can I use outdoor floodlights indoors?

Yes, this may work. However, indoor lighting requires low voltage bulbs, so you have to confirm the voltage before using it indoors. And in the case of using indoor floodlights outside, you should ensure the lights are weatherproof—to withstand rain and excessive sun.

Can I use regular bulbs on floodlights?

For outdoor floodlights, it’s best to use the recommended bulbs to get a super bright light that won’t go off due to weather conditions. Other than that, you may be able to use other bulbs as long as they’re of the appropriate wattage and protected from harsh weather elements.

What is the difference between floodlights and spotlights?

Both lights serve almost the purpose. However, floodlights have a wider beam and are used to cover large areas, while spotlights have a smaller beam and are used mainly to light up smaller areas. At the core, they are both employed to illuminate outdoor spaces for security reasons, mostly.

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Wrapping Up

Floodlights can help illuminate your outdoor spaces for security purposes, aesthetics, and more. Of course, it makes more sense to control your lights without walking to where you have the switches.

And if it was somewhat challenging finding the best of floodlights with remote control, you already have them in our top picks. You can simply scan the list to find those that meet your needs.

To get the best lighting experience, you want to ensure your lights are properly installed. So you should either do it yourself properly or call an electrician for proper installation.

We would love to know about your experience if you purchased any of these remote-controlled outdoor LED  floodlights based on our recommendations. See comment section below.