10 Best Smartphone Door Locks (Android and iOS Compatible)

Smart door locks do not only provide a way to secure your entryways but also offer maximum comfort and ease of use. This is what you do get from reliable smartphone door locks. Of course, the days of solely relying on mechanical keys to protect your residential or business doorways are no more. Today’s locking mechanisms let you lock and unlock your door through a smartphone app.

As good as that may sound, you may run into difficulties when you finally decide to purchase a smartphone-enabled door lock. This is because there is a long list of these locks out there, and getting the best can be challenging. But we’ve got you covered! We’ve done all the work—researching the best smart locks that work with your phones—based on consumer ratings and top features such as compatibility, durability, security, etc.

Whether you’re looking to secure your front door or replace your existing with a wireless smart door lock that works with smartphones, the below ten door locks are great options with desirable features.

This piece contains a detailed review of each lock; you may want to quickly scan the list of our top picks before heading over to each review. See below:

List of the Top-Rated Smartphone Door Locks:



Hornbill Smart Door Lock - with Keypad, Keyless Entry...

August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone

Assure Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

Smart Lock, Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

Kwikset 98880-004 SmartCode 888 Smart Lock

U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Keypad Smart Deadbolt

Kwikset 99420-001 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock

Reagle Smart Lock, Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt, Apple HomeKit Certified

Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Deadbolt

Best Smartphone Compatible Smart Locks — Reviews

1. Hornbill Smart Door Lock – with Keypad, Keyless Entry Home with Your Smartphone

Smartphone Door Locks

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Monitoring your door lock either in or out of the house is one core feature the Hornbill Door Lock offers. Through a dedicated smartphone app, you can easily lock and unlock your door while adding the Hornbill Wi-Fi bridge lets you enjoy remote functions such as Alexa voice control. On the exterior panel features a touchscreen, mechanical keyhole for gaining entry, while the lock requires a thumb turn to engage the lock on the inside.

Worry no more about physical key theft by setting permanent codes for yourself and one-time codes for guests, housekeepers, or employees. The auto-locking feature removes the added worry of wondering if you lock the door behind you or not. In case someone tries random codes to gain entry, the auto-lock feature automatically restricts access after 5 incorrect attempts.

The Hornbill Smart Door Lock fits well on standard exterior wooden doors with 1-1/2” to 1-8/9 thickness. With an accompanying setup manual, setting up the hardware is quick and easy. For advanced security and more protection, the Hornbill Smart Door Lock is an excellent replacement for your existing deadbolt.

2. August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone

Smartphone Door Locks

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If you want to enhance the security of your existing deadbolt with a keyless lock, then this August Smart Lock is one great option. The lock can be easily attached to most standard deadbolts, which means you can keep your existing lock and keys.

The auto-lock feature automatically secures your door behind you, so you never have to worry whether your lock is engaged. August is one of the brands changing the status quo by bringing door lock security to an app. The dedicated app lets you control your lock remotely and create access codes for temporary and permanent use. Installing the door can be completed within minutes with the help of the accompanying setup manual, meaning you don’t have to engage the service of a locksmith.

3. Assure Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock Featuring Auto-Lock and Smart Phone App

Smartphone Door Locks

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The Assure Touchscreen Door Lock is a smartphone lock you can use to add a layer of protection to your commercial and residential property. The lock features an iOS and Android app for accessing your lock when in range. Also, the addition of a separate Wi-Fi gateway bridge lets you enjoy off-site functions such as remotely granting access to guests and service people. You can create permanent and temporary codes and use those to gain entry through the touchscreen interface.

The hardware is powered by a battery, which means you can save on electric bills. This lock works well on most standard residential doors that are 1.49 inches to 2.88 inches thick. You can also fit this lock on any exterior door that has an existing keyed entry lock. Many reviewers comment on the quick and easy by following the setup guide.

4. Smart Lock, Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Electronic Door Lock

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One core feature of a smart door lock is the ability to lock and unlock your door in several ways. This Smart Bluetooth Door Lock can be operated with a key card, physical key, and you can also gain entry with passcodes and your fingerprint. You can also set a one-time code for service people or guests and revoke their access anytime. For off-site functions, you can add the Gateway Wi-Fi hub to remotely lock and unlock your door, view access logs, and create codes.

The lock can be fitted on most standard doors with a 2.125” diameter hole and 1.37” – 1.88” thickness. You don’t need locksmith help or any handyman skills to install the hardware as it comes with a setup guide. But you may need technical competence if your door has no existing hole.

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5. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

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A door lock that offers security features such as fingerprint identification is a great option when looking for a smart door lock. The Ultraloq UL3 Smart Lock fits the modern description of an advanced smart lockset as it allows you to operate your lock in multiple ways. You can enroll up to 95 fingerprints, including yours, or simply press your unique numeric codes on the touchscreen. Through the dedicated Ultraloq app, you can create passcodes, confirm whether your door is locked, and use more off-site functions.

You can fit this lock on standard doors prepped with a single hole, making sure the thickness of the door hole is between 1-3/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches. New doors without a hole may require the service of a locksmith, especially when you don’t have the handyman skills. But for already prepped doors, many users comment on its quick and easy installation.

The Ultraloq UL3 Lock is an excellent option if you need a keyless lock that offers the luxury of using fingerprint identification, amongst other options, just in case you forget your access codes.

6. Kwikset 98880-004 SmartCode 888 Smart Lock Smart Door Lock

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With this entry deadbolt from Kwikset, never have to worry about misplacing your keys or rummaging your bag for your keys. The SmartCode 888 Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt features a 5-button keypad that can be programmed to accept up to 30 unique codes and a dedicated button in the middle for engaging the lock when you aren’t with your keys.

The SmartCode 888 can be controlled remotely as long as it’s connected to your home automation system through the Z Wave technology. This means you can view access logs, check the status of your door, lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, you don’t have to worry about electric bills. Installing the hardware and programming codes on the device is easy and quick. This electronic deadbolt can be installed on any standard door with a backset width of 2-3/8 inches or 2-3/4 inches and a hole of 2-1/8 inches or 1-1/2 inches. One appealing feature of the SmartCode 888 Lock is you can rekey the lock yourself using its smart re-key technology.

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7. U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Keypad Smart Deadbolt

Digital Lock

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If you are looking for a fully-featured smart door lock, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt is a great option.

You can use your fingerprint to unlock the deadbolt or press your access codes on the keypad instead. You also don’t have to worry whether your door is locked behind you as the auto-lock features automatically engage the door lock. The anti-peep design is also another desirable feature that lets you add random digits to your real codes. Even if someone is watching your shoulders, they won’t be able to figure out your password.

By adding the Bridge Wi-Fi Adaptor to the setup, you can enjoy remote functions in and out of your home via the companion mobile app. The Bridge Adaptor also lets you connect your lock with Amazon and Google voice controls as well as the IFTTT home automation system. In case of emergency power needs, you can use an external battery to power up the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt.

With no hardwiring or hole drilling, you can fit the lock on any US standard door. Pairing the hardware to your smartphone is also easy.

8. Kwikset 99420-001 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock

Smartphone-enabled Lock

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The Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Keypad Smart Lock features keyed and keyless systems. With your access codes, you can forget the keyhole and enjoy the comfort that comes with keyless entry. The Kwikset Bluetooth app lets you lock or unlock your door, add or remove users, and monitor activity logs. When you’re not with your physical keys, the dedicated one-touch lock button on the keypad bails you out. The lock is programmable with up to 250 codes, which means you can create temporary or permanent codes and revoke access anytime.

You can install the lock on most US standard doors with just a screwdriver and complete the setup in minutes. Being battery operated implies that you don’t need to hardwire the device. This way, you can eliminate installation and energy expenses. Whether through the smartphone app, keyhole, or with your codes, the Kwikset Aura Lock provides multiple ways for accessing your doorway.

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9. Reagle Smart Lock, Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt, Apple HomeKit Certified

Best Smartphone Door Locks

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If you’re looking for a smart electronic deadbolt that offers smartphone control, the Reagle Smart Lock is one great option. Through the companion smartphone app, you can create custom codes for visitors, staying guests, service people, and revoke their access at any time. With an additional Reagle Gateway hub, you can get the lock with your home Wi-Fi network for off-site functions. Since it is battery-powered, you won’t spend money on hardwiring.

You can easily install the deadbolt on any standard door of 1-3/8″ to 2″ thickness with a screwdriver. Setting up the hardware with the mobile is easy and can be done in minutes. If you are looking for a lock that offers the convenience that keypad entry provides, the Reagle Smart Deadbolt is an excellent option.

10. Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Deadbolt

Yale Assure Lock SL

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Ditch your physical keys and go keyless with the Yale Assure Lock SL. The lock features a keypad on the exterior panel that lets you enter codes created via the smartphone app. The keypad is backlit, which means you don’t have to fumble around the buttons at night. Adding the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to the setup allows you to remotely check if your door is locked or not, view access logs, and enjoy other off-site functions through the smartphone app. The app also lets you create one-time codes for guests or service professional and permanent access codes for yourself and those you trust.

Of course, this key entry free lock is an excellent option for vacation rental property owners as it integrates seamlessly with Airbnb and HomeAway. You can install this lock on any standard door as a secured replacement for your existing conventional deadbolt. With multiple finishes, you can choose what perfects your door design.

Wrap Up

Door locks that can be accessed through a mobile app and access codes is a great redemption for those who have trouble keeping physical keys. With off-site functions such as remote locking and unlocking, access log monitoring, and door monitoring, smartphone door locks give peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that your door is extra-secured.