The 8 Best Tiffany-Style Pendant Light Fixtures

If you’re on this page, our guess is you’re looking for Tiffany lighting ideas. If that guess was correct, then you’re sure on the right page!

In this post, we have basically covered modern Tiffany-style pendant light fixtures—ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, and so on.

As you probably know, Tiffany-style lamps are decorative lights that add more colors to interior lighting and overall home decor. So we have featured the best of them after detailed research.

Ready to have a look? Let’s head over to our choices.

Our Choices at a Glance:



Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Hanging Pendant Lamp

Bieye Tiffany Style Stained Glass Ceiling Pendant Light

Chloe Lighting Tiffany Style Pendant Light

Tiffany Style Hanging Pendant Lamp—8"

Stepeak Tiffany Plug-in Pendant Light

Tiffany Hanging Lamp—16 Inch Pull Chain

FUMAT Tiffany Pendant Light—Rose Flower Stained Glass

Capulina Tiffany Style Kitchen Lighting

Best Tiffany-Style Pendant Lights—Reviews

1. Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Hanging Pendant Lamp

Tiffany-Style Pendant Light

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This Tiffany-style pendant light is designed to give your home the unique traditional style you desire. It features an attractive dark brown finish that complements most home designs.

You can either use LED or incandescent bulbs on the fixture. Your choice of bulbs also defines the ambiance of your room. Note that the shade’s color may appear a bit dark without lighting. You do get a more attractive shade when illuminated.

This hanging light fixture is quite durable as it is designed with the best materials. It is 16-inch in diameter and features easy installation, though the process requires hardwiring. The recommended bulb wattage is 60W — E27 base bulb. The bulb isn’t included in the pack.

More so, this light fixture is marked safe by UL, and this assures of its quality and functionality.

2. Bieye Tiffany Style Stained Glass Ceiling Pendant Light

Tiffany Style Pendant Light

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Here is another excellent Tiffany-style pendant light that can add more colors to a modern home. It features a decorative handmade lamp by highly skilled craftsmen. More so, the lampshade is designed with stained glass, making it more stylish.

The stained glass is quite durable and won’t lose its luster even after prolonged use. Note that the glass may have a slightly different color when the light is on.

The size is; 13 inches for the shade width and 39 inches’ chain. You can shorten the chain to your desired level. Check the size to know where best this light fixture can be installed.

The recommended bulb is an E26 bulb of 40W. It’s best to use the recommended bulb watts for safety and excellent lighting. It gives off better lighting with a warm white light bulb. But you may use any color you want.

This light fixture also comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, if that makes sense to you.

3. Chloe Lighting Tiffany Style Pendant Light

Tiffany Style Pendant Lamp fixture

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This might not differ from the above in terms of features. But you can see that it has a different shape and colors. Of course, the idea of Tiffany-style lamps, (whether hanging or floor lamp) is to decorate your home. So if this color and shape appeals to you, then you have something durable that gives value for money.

This pendant light is durable and has earned many recommendations from its users in this aspect. It also extends to aesthetics and overall functionality.

It’s a two-light Tiffany-style pendant lamp, so you need two bulbs on this fixture. The recommended bulb wattage is 60W maximum and it should be an E26 type A bulb. The pack contains no bulb, so you need to purchase them separately.

4. Tiffany Style Hanging Pendant Lamp—8″

Tiffany Pendant lamp

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As the title says, this hanging lamp, styled the Tiffany traditional way is 8 inches in shade diameter and 5.5 inches in shade’s height, while the cord and electrical wire are 44 inches. Sounds like the dimensions of your old fixture? Then this light could be a perfect replacement.

Like other light fixtures, this one is also durable and gives value for money. It comes with a beautiful design and can improve your home decor.

What’s more; you may also like that the lamp is compatible with LED bulbs. It works with both incandescent and LED bulbs. Note that it doesn’t come with a bulb; you need to purchase one.

This Tiffany hanging light requires hardwiring to get it on, and it doesn’t come with a switch. That means you need to connect it to your existing switches or get a new switch. So the installation process may require an experienced electrician.

The light is UL listed, which means it’s safe for use.

5. Stepeak Tiffany Plug-in Pendant Light

pendant lamp fixture Tiffany style

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If you need a dimmable Tiffany pendant light, here is one that checks all the boxes including excellent lighting and durability.

Yes, it comes with a dimmable switch, so you can adjust the brightness to suit your mood. You may also like this Tiffany hanging light’s curved glass design. It will surely add a stylish look to your room while creating the ambiance you desire.

More so, the light is easy to install. It features a 16.4 ft. plugin hanging cord, so no hardwired required. This makes the installation process pretty much easy. Moreover, the pack contains the installation guide, properly illustrated with pictures. You may not need an electrician to get this light fixture on.

The light fixture works with incandescent and halogen bulbs; 60W maximum. Note that the fixture is designed with an E26 socket, so you can only use E26 bulbs.

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6. Tiffany Hanging Lamp—16 Inch Pull Chain

Tiffany hanging lamp

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This hanging light is suitable for your living room, bedroom, office, and more. If you’re looking to add more colors to your modern home design, this light fixture ticks all the boxes. It features a metal base finish with an impressive bronze color. You may also like its stained glass lampshade.

It is 16 inches in diameter and 40 inches in height. Depending on where you want to install it, you may need to note the dimension.

This light fixture is durable, and you can easily find its replacement glass shades if the current one gets old. Also, it’s UL listed, a rating that marks it safe for indoor lighting.

This Tiffany-style pendant light is unique and you may get it for your loved ones, friends, or family as a gift.

7. FUMAT Tiffany Pendant Light—Rose Flower Stained Glass

Tiffany ceiling light fixture

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This is another Tiffany light in our choices with handmade stained glass shade. Of course, the glass shades and overall fixture is worth your money. It is designed with quality materials and the elegance will sure compliment your home decor.

Unlike others, this light fixture comes with 2 pieces of E26 light bulbs. So you won’t have to buy the bulbs separately. Besides, the installation is easy and you won’t need an electrician to get it on.

It’s also securely packaged before delivery to avoid damage. Besides, you can get a replacement if received with any defects.

This light is suitable for bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchen, etc.

8. Capulina Tiffany Style Kitchen Lighting

Tiffany-Style Pendant Light fixture

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Yes, the last, but not the least. This Tiffany-style mini pendant light is specifically designed for the kitchen. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen looks, you won’t be wrong choosing this. It is 12 inches wide and 65.4 inches in height. Of course, it’s a mini pendant lamp and takes very little space; so you can easily add it to your existing lights.

While it is designed for the kitchen, it also fits perfectly in offices, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. The chain can be adjusted to your desired hanging height.

The recommended bulbs are; LED and CFLs—maximum of 60 watts. Note that this light fixture can give off different colors based on the type/color of bulb used. So you can create your desired ambiance with your choice bulbs. You may want to get an Edison LED bulb (4000k) for a warm ambiance.

More so, this Tiffany ceiling light fixture is quite sturdy and you can find the glass shade easily if you want to replace it for any reason. It’s also easy to install and you can follow the instructions on the manual to get it on in a few minutes.

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Tips to Find Suitable Tiffany-Style Pendant Light Fixtures

Buying a Tiffany-style pendant lamp for the first time? Here are some tips to help you get the best:

Consider the Size

Tiffany-style hanging lamp fixtures are of different sizes, so you want to get a suitable size based on where you want to use it. If you’re looking to use it in small spaces like the kitchen, dining room, etc., it’s best to get a mini Tiffany-style lamp. For living rooms and other large spaces, you can go for a standard lamp.


Again, there are various designs and colors of Tiffany-style pendant lights on the market, you want to get one with colors that will fit your room design or anywhere you want to use it. Note that most colors on pictures may change when illuminated, so keep that in mind and perhaps determine the look when illuminated before you buy.

Check Compatible Bulbs

Got the desired bulb you will love to use in your Tiffany-style lamp? Then check the bulb socket. Most of the light fixtures are compatible with E26 and E27 bulbs; LED and Incandescent bulbs. Also, note that some fixtures are not compatible with LED bulbs; you may check that feature too, to enable you to get one that meets your needs.

Replacement Shades

If your light shades get old or broken, you don’t necessarily have to get a new fixture. You can replace them with new shades. You may want to consider lights that have replacement shades before you buy them. However, this feature is optional and only important if you want to plan of reducing spending more money on buying new light fixtures.

Last, you want to consider ease of installation as well. Does the light fixture require hardwiring or just plug-in? This depends on what you need. Note that hardwired light fixtures may require an electrician to get them installed.

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Wrapping Up

Tiffany-style pendant lights are excellent for decorating and illuminating interior spaces in residential and commercial places. Though you need the best ones for excellent lighting and value for money.

Of course, that’s why we made this site to help you find the best lights for indoor and outdoor lighting. You can scan through our selections to find suitable Tiffany-style pendant lamps for home, office use, and even as gifts for friends, loved ones, family, etc.

We also considered ease of replacement in our selection process. If your glass shades are old or broken, you can easily find suitable pendant light replacement glass shades for them.