Are Baldwin Locks Bump Proof?

Lock bumping can bypass almost all keyhole door locks but those that are bump proof. So it’s okay to check if a lock is bump proof before you get it.

If you’re looking to get a Baldwin door lock and are wondering if the locks are bump proof, you want to keep reading as we have the right information for you. Let’s get started!

Are Baldwin locks bump proof?

Yes, Baldwin locks that feature its SmartKey Security are bump proof. The SmartKey Security also protects against lock picking, drilling, and other advanced break-in techniques.

Ready to get a Baldwin bump proof lock? We’ve handpicked the best of them with other excellent security features. If you’re ready to have a look, here you go:

Best Baldwin Bump Proof Locks

1. Baldwin Nautica Single Cylinder Bump Proof Lock

Are Baldwin Locks Bump Proof

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This lock is an excellent option for front doors, as it’s equipped with the SmartKey Security that offers bump guard and lock pick resistance.

Yes, this is one of Baldwin’s bump proof lock and it’s sturdy enough to resist lock bumping and other forced entry attacks.

Apart from security, this lock comes in a slate finish, which fits many door designs. It isn’t just a single lock, but a handle set that comprises the door handle, doorknob, deadbolt, lever, and keys. With the SmartKey security, you can easily re-key this lock yourself in just a few seconds. The process works with the SmartKey technology, which you can find on the user manual.

Also, this lock is easy to install, and you may not need a locksmith to handle the installations. If you have a standard door preparation of 1-3/8inches–1-3/4inches thick, this lock can fit perfectly on it.

2. Baldwin Bighorn Single Cylinder Bump Proof Door Lock

Baldwin Bump Guard Lock

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Getting this Baldwin front lock gives you a front door lock handle set featuring two keys, deadbolt, doorknob, exterior handle, full lip round strokes, and installation hardware.

As you may know, security is the paramount thing in door locks, and this front lock is equipped with SmartKey security.

If you need a lock that can be easily re-keyed, this lock also stands out. For aesthetics, this Bighorn single-cylinder front lock comes in a Venetian bronze finish—both the inside lever and exterior handle.

The outside deadbolt inclusive; they are all made to fit with most home decors.

Based on our research, this lock has earned the recommendations of existing users, and you won’t likely have any complaints when you go for it.

The lock fits with standard doors of 1-3/8inches to 1-3/4inches thick. Be sure to confirm that it fits with your door before getting it.

3. Estate Polished Brass Logan Single Cylinder Lock

Bump Proof locks

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This is another lock from Baldwin, equipped with its SmartKey Security. It’s bump proof and won’t easily give in to lock bumping and other forced entry techniques.

Away from security, this lockset comes with a beautiful interior lever, exterior handle, two keys, and knob. If you don’t want to pay extra bucks for installation, you can easily fit this lock to your door following the instructions on the installation guide.

Yes, this door lock is also sturdy enough to resist forceful entry. However, you want to ensure that the installation is correctly done. If you’re looking to use this lock as a replacement, it fits with any Baldwin Estate lever.

For fresh installations, this lockset fits with most standard doors.

4. Pistoria Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset with SmartKey Security

Baldwin SmartKey Locks

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Baldwin Pistoria is ideal for front doors and comes in Venetian bronze finish that fits most door designs. The lock features Smartkey Security, meaning it is secured against lock bumping, lock picking, and drilling.

If you want a lock that can be easily re-keyed, this Baldwin lock makes it easier—users can re-key in just a few seconds via the SmartKey feature.

The lock has an interior lever, knob, and exterior handle, including the installation hardware. It fits door preparations: 1-3/8inches to 1-3/4inches thick.

If you want a sturdy front lock with an elegant design, you probably won’t regret choosing this Baldwin Pistoria. Overall, the lock is designed with the user in mind. It is easy to operate and ensures the safety of your front door.

5. Baldwin Avendale Single Cylinder Door Lock

Front locks with bump proof features

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This is another excellent entry lock by Baldwin. Of course, the features are like other ones reviewed above, but it comes in a satin nickel finish.

So, if you think other locks may not fit your home décor, you may want to go with this nickel finish. But rest assured, it features the SmartKey security and lets you re-key easily.

What more, this Baldwin Avendale also comes with two keys—lifetime warranty and finish warranty. Moreover, this lock has earned ample recommendations from past users, which tells more about its quality.

The lock fits on front doors with standard preparations of 1-3/8inches to 1-3/4inches thick.

6. Baldwin Medina Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset

Baldwin Single Cylinder Bump Proof Front Door

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Apart from the appearance, this Baldwin entry lock has similar features to the other ones above. It comes in a Venetian bronze finish and a traditional door handle design. It contains an interior lever, external handle, deadbolt, two keys, and installation hardware.

You can easily re-key this lock through its SmartKey security—it takes just a few seconds if you can follow the instructions on the manual. Also, installing this exterior door handle is a breeze; the instructions are also included in the manual.

In terms of security, this door lock features SmartKey security as mentioned above, so you can be sure of the optimal security.

The lock is designed to resist any form of forceful entry—it is durable and can’t be easily picked. You want to give this lock a try if you need a beautifully designed but sturdy front door lock for your home.

It fits standard door preparations of 1-3/8inches to 1-3/4inches thick, so if your door is of this standard, you can comfortably go for it without fear of not being compatible with your door.

7. Baldwin Torrey Pines Sectional Single Cylinder Door Lock

Are Baldwin Locks Bump Proof

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For a front door, you sure need a sturdy lock that can defend against intruders. But what about aesthetics? While you won’t want to sacrifice elegant designs for security, you do appreciate a mix of both for your front door—sleek design and top security.

That’s what this Baldwin lock represents—of course, thousands of satisfied users can’t be wrong. The lock has earned several recommendations from users.

This Baldwin Torrey Pines entry lock boasts of a modern style exterior and interior handle set—ideal for residential front doors. It has a deadbolt, inner lever, entry knob, and exterior handle.

The lock is rated a heavy-duty high-grade security front lock due to its solid components.

More so, this lock fits with both right and left-handed doors, thanks to its reversible handle that makes this fitting possible. It also features a single cylinder deadbolt that can be opened by the exterior key—KW1 keyway.

Overall, the lock is durable and portable for front locks with a beautiful design. It fits perfectly on doors with a 1-3/8-inch to 1-3/4-inch.

What Other Locks are Bump Proof?

Other bump proof locks are:

Manufacturer Lock Model
Kwikset Kwikset Ashfield Single Cylinder Lock 98001-098
Kwikset Kwikset Shelburne Single Cylinder Lock 98001-107
Schlage Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt B60N 619
Schlage Schlage B60N 716 Deadbolt B60N 716
Medeco Medeco Single Cylinder Deadbolt 11TR50319FM

Note: This list is based on our research. Kwikset and other door locks brand may have other locks with bump proof features.

Related Questions

Are Baldwin door locks good for front doors?

Yes, Baldwin has a good number of excellent entry locks. Virtually all the locks in our picks are equipped with excellent security that makes them the best candidates for entry doors.

Can Baldwin locks be rekeyed?

Yes, Baldwin’s front locks can be re-keyed, especially those that feature its SmartKey security. You can rekey your lock in a few minutes.

Are Baldwin entry locks safe?

Yes, Baldwin has some of the best door locks for front doors. Moreover, some Baldwin locks feature the SmartKey security that protects against lock bumping and picking, making them the ideal options for entry doors.

However, you should keep your keys safe to avoid unauthorized entry that may result from key duplication.


So Baldwin locks are bump proof. However, not all locks made by Baldwin are bump proof. Baldwin and a few other lock brands recently started making locks with SmartKey Security.

The SmartKey Security Technology protects against lock bumping, picking, and drilling and also allows for easy rekey.

However, keep in mind that locks with keyholes are susceptible to lock bumping, picking, and drilling, as burglars may device advanced methods to break-in.