5 Best Pella Door Locks for Entry Doors

You need a reliable entry lock on your front doors to keep your home safe, and if you’re considering going with Pella brand, that might be the right decision. Pella door locks are ideal for entry locks, as you may know. They are durable, equipped with anti-pick features and also bump proof.

However, Pella has many door locks on the market and chances are you’re not sure which one is the best or fits your door. Of course, you should exercise great care when looking for entry locks as they are front liners of your home security.

For your needs, we have featured the best Pella entry locks in this piece. This selection is premised on thorough research—considering consumer ratings and the required features of a reliable front lock. So if you have Pella a door or want a Pella lock for any of your compatible doors, here are the top 5 locks to consider.

The Best Pella Door Locks at a Glance:



Pella Select Oil-Rubbed Bronze Storm Door Matching Handleset

Pella Select Antique Brass Storm Door Matching Handleset

Pella Select Matte Black Storm Door Matching Handleset

Pella 2 Point Bolt Mortise Lock

Pella Select Polished Brass Storm Door Matching Handleset

Best Pella Door Locks — Reviews

1. Pella Select Oil-Rubbed Bronze Storm Door Matching Handleset

Pella Door Locks

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This lock is suitable for entry locks, and it comes with all the features that guarantee your entry door safety when you’re away.

While it is designed with security in mind, the appearance of your door is also considered. The lock comes in an oil-rubbed finish, which makes it slightly dim and will blend in easily with most door designs. If you don’t want your door lock to be what catches your visitors’ sight first due to being too shiny, this lock might be a great choice.

Whether your home is styled the traditional or modern way, this door lock comes a beautiful finish that complement most doors and the overall home design. Even though this door lock has traditional French scroll pattern levers, it still fits modern doors. This door lock is specifically designed for Pella Select doors.

It’s durable and designed to resist forced entry attempts. More so, if you’re good at following DIY directions, you can install this lock yourself without hiring a locksmith. Otherwise, be sure to get a locksmith for proper installation of your lock.

2. Pella Select Antique Brass Storm Door Matching Handleset

Pella Door Locks

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If your home is styled the traditional way and you are looking for a way to add to its elegance , you want to consider using this Pella Select Antique Brass Storm Door Lock.

Its antique design will complement the style of your home. Moreover, the traditional French scroll pattern levers are sleek, thereby, adding to the overall look of your home. You can use this door lock on different colors of doors.

Aside from aesthetics, security is highly considered in its design. Of course, it is made for entry locks and should be sturdy enough to resist break-ins. If you want a sturdy Pella front lock, this is one among the few Pella front locks to consider.

It is also not difficult to install. But you should hire a locksmith to handle the installation if you’re not sure of doing it correctly.

3. Pella Select Matte Black Storm Door Matching Handleset

Pella Lock

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Are you looking for upgraded Pella locks for your front door? Choosing this particular one won’t be a wrong choice. We have also found this handleset perfect for front doors as it provides the required security for front doors. It is durable and able to resist forceful entry such as kicks, bumps, picking, etc.

If you’re also considering getting a Pella lock that won’t look odd on your door, this lock also answers the call. Pella Select Matte Black Storm Door Lock is an excellent choice if you need a door lock that will blend in with your home. Moreover, the matte black finish complements all various door colors and designs. You are not limited to a particular style of door.

More so, it has a traditional French scroll pattern lever that gives it a sleek look. Though the lever is designed traditionally, you can still fit it on several dark-colored modern doors. If you like your door lock to be catchy a bit, you can install this door lock on a door with a contrasting color. The variation in the door’s color and the lockset’s color increases the elegance of your door, thus making it more noticeable.

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4. Pella 2 Point Bolt Mortise Lock

Pella Door Locks

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If you’re looking for sturdy entry locks, you won’t be wrong choosing this Pella mortise lock. It’s designed to offer the best security in commercial and industrial settings. Of course, mortise locks are mainly designed for doors that need extra protection, and they are heavy-duty locks. But you may decide to use this Pella Bolt Mortise on your residential front door as long as your door fits the lock.

On what makes this lock stand out, the Pella 2 Point Bolt Mortise Lock Body has a sturdy structure that makes it kick resistant or any form of forced entry. It’s also bump proof and can’t be picked easily. The lock doesn’t come with a handleset, so you can choose any handleset you want. This gives you the freedom to toy around with different styles of handleset until you find the one that complements your door design.

Are you worried about picking? This has been considered in the design—this mortise lock can’t be easily picked. Moreover, it’s quite durable and bump proof.

This door lock doesn’t fit all Pella storm doors, make sure you verify its compatibility with your door before making a purchase.

5. Pella Select Polished Brass Storm Door Matching Handleset

Pella Door Locks

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The last on our list but no lesser features when compared with others locks so far reviewed. Like other Pella locks, this one is also suitable for entry locks. Of course, it’s sturdy enough to resist forceful entry.

Do you care about aesthetics? This Pella lock has a stylish bright brass handle. The bright brass finish of this door lock makes it suitable for any door, regardless of its color. Besides, its traditional French scroll pattern levers are sleek, and it will go well with most home décor.

To enjoy the efficiency of this door lock, you have to use it on Pella Select doors as it is specifically made for them. All you need to set up this door lock is included in the package.

You can either handle the installation yourself or hire a locksmith to get it done properly. This lock is ideal for both residential and commercial front doors.

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FAQs About Pella Door Locks

Can Pella locks be re-keyed?

Yes, some Pella locks are equipped with SmartKey Re-Key Technology that makes re-key happen in a few seconds. You can perform the re-key yourself securely and quickly.

Can Pella Front door locks be picked?

Pella locks are designed with pick-resistant features to prevent any form of picking. So no, Pella doors can’t be picked unless in cases where the users compromise. So you should keep your keys safely to avoid losing them to intruders, which may result in attacks.

Are Pella locks bump proof?

Most Pella doors are bump proof, and we have considered this in our selection process. We have featured only bump proof doors that are ideal for entry locks.

Are Pella locks suitable for entry doors?

This is the primary highlight or Pella locks. They have a collection of locks designed for entry doors—both residential and commercial entry doors. Of course, the locks are durable and equipped with anti-pick features and are bump proof, making them suitable for front doors.

Does Pella make interior doors?

Most Pella locks are for entry doors. Currently, we are not sure if Pella has any interior door or planning to start making interior doors. We’d update this article as new development unfolds.

Can I use Pella locks on commercial doors?

Yes, Pella has Mortise locks that are ideal for commercial and industrial doors. You only need to find a suitable one designed for commercial doors. Read up our review to find Pella locks that are perfect for commercial doors.

Are Pella locks easy to install?

Pella locks are not difficult to install. However, you may have to hire a locksmith to handle the installation if you are not sure of installing them correctly. Check the installation guide to see if it looks like something you cannot do before calling a locksmith.

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Pella door locks are ideal for front doors, and if that’s what you are looking for, you can choose from our top picks here.

Front locks are vulnerable to attacks, and the best you can do is to get sturdy entry locks with anti-break-in features. While there are other excellent lock brands for front doors, Pella locks also stand out. They are equipped with anti-pick and bump proof features.

However, ensure your locks are properly installed to enjoy the full security features. If you’re not sure how to handle the installation correctly, get a locksmith for proper installation.

On a final note, ensure you check the lock’s compatibility with your door before you make a purchase. This will save you the stress of buying the wrong product and eventually filing a return.