The 8 Best Tiffany-Style Chandeliers

You probably know that Tiffany-style chandeliers are decorative lights that add a vintage style to your home décor. If you’re looking to get the best of these lights, we want to help you find them easily.

So for your needs, this post contains a collection of beautifully handcrafted Tiffany chandeliers that will surely create the calm ambiance you desire.

Where to use them? We have selected stained glass chandeliers that fit bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and covered outdoor spaces like foyers and the like.

Ready to have a look? Here’s a quick list:

Our Top Picks:



Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Chandelier 

Vintage Classic Art Tiffany Style Dragonfly Chandelier

Three-Light Tiffany Downlight Chandelier

Capulina Handcrafted Tiffany Glass Chandelier

Tiffany Style Stained Glass 5 Arms Dragonfly Floral Chandelier

Tiffany Style 5-Light Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture

LITFAD Tiffany Baroque Style Chandelier Light

Chloe Lighting Tiffany-Style Victorian 3-Light Mini Chandelier

The Best Tiffany-Style Chandeliers: Reviews

1. Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Chandelier 

Tiffany Style Chandeliers

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This Tiffany-style stained glass chandelier will make a stunning addition to your home décor. It fits the bedroom, living room, entryways, etc. It’s also usable in cafes, clubs, bars, villas, and more.

The light fixture is handcrafted, beautifully made to create a vintage presence anywhere it’s used. Needless to mention that it’s also quite durable and could last pretty much longer. That’s value for money, right? Of course!

The lamp fixture comes with installation instructions. However, you need a qualified electrician to handle the installation for better output. The required bulb is either of E26 and E27 base bulbs; CFL and LED bulbs—9W.

Dimensions: 33 inches’ width (84 cm) and 33.6 inches’ height (60cm).

2. Vintage Classic Art Tiffany Style Dragonfly Chandelier

Tiffany Style Chandeliers

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We also found this Tiffany-style chandelier a suitable addition to modern and traditionally designed homes. Maybe you’ve been looking to have an antique light fixture with a dragonfly, this fixture has all you need. It’s handcrafted and features a color combination that creates a natural atmosphere, regardless of whether it’s illuminated.

Its lamp hanger has a dark bronze color that makes it more unique. More so, the hanging chain is adjustable and you can request an extra length of the chain based on your needs.

The lampshade diameter is 7 inches (18 cm), while the entire light fixture width is 20.5 inches (52 cm). The height measures 2.36 inches (60cm). This height can be altered by adjusting the hanging chain.

The best bulbs to use on this decorative light fixture are CFL and LED bulbs; E26/E27. It requires three bulbs.

3. Three-Light Tiffany Downlight Chandelier

Vintage Tiffany Chandeliers

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This chandelier is a decorative three-light fixture that emits warm ambiance to your living room, bedroom, and anywhere else it’s used.

It works with E26 base incandescent, CFL, halogen, and LED bulbs. You may also like the dimming function. It features a full-range dimming that works with any dimmable bulb and dimmer switch.

You can install this light to an existing junction box or get a new one. The pack contains no bulb nor junction box, so you have to get them separately.

This fixture fits well on sloped ceilings and measures 22.5 inches in height with a width of 25 inches. The weight is 12.68 LBS.

The light fixture is ETL approved for damp areas.

4. Capulina Handcrafted Tiffany Glass Chandelier

Antique Chandeliers

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Looking to create a warm atmosphere in your room that keeps you relaxed? You won’t be wrong getting a Tiffany-style light like this chandelier. It is handcrafted and features beautiful antique colors that diffuse the light to give you a natural atmosphere.

This light is suitable for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, and more. It sure adds warmth and beauty to anywhere it’s used.

This light may not be difficult to install, but you need proper installation to get the best out of it. So you want to have a qualified electrician handle the installation for you.

The required bulb for this light fixture is E26 base bulbs—60W max. Note that it requires 3 bulbs. It doesn’t come with the bulbs, so you need to buy them separately and ensure you get compatible bulbs only.

5. Tiffany Style Stained Glass 5 Arms Dragonfly Floral Chandelier

5 Arms dragonfly Tiffany Chandelier

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Here is another stunning Tiffany-style chandelier that can make a bold impression in your home. It features a stained glass that filters the light to provide a warm ambiance in your bedroom or anywhere it’s used.

If you’re looking to have a touch of old-fashioned design in your home, this light fixture is for you. It also fit with modern design because of its multicolored style.

The lamp uses E26 and E27 bulbs—supports CFL and LED bulbs. It measures 21.7 inches in width (55cm), and a height of 23.6 inches (60 cm). The lampshade diameter is 7 inches (18cm).

The chain can be adjusted to fit your desired hanging height during installation.

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6. Tiffany Style 5-Light Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture

Antique Light

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This light fixture is equipped with 5-lights. Of course, it’s a Tiffany-style chandelier with a stained glass shade and bronze finish. It’s a beautiful light fixture that adds sophistication and style to your home.

The light fits well above the kitchen island, kitchen tables, and anywhere you have high ceilings such as foyers or entryways. It can be installed on sloped ceilings and others.

This light fixture is also compatible with dimming bulbs and dimmer switches. Even though the light gives off soft lighting, you can use the dimming feature to control the light brightness to fit your mood.

More so, the light is CE listed for safety. It uses 5 bulbs and the compatible ones include LEDs, CFL, and incandescent bulbs. All bulbs should be E26 medium base. The bulbs are sold separately and not included in the package.

This chandelier measures 26.4 inches (67cm) in width and 34 inches (88cm) height. The shades dimension is 5.5 inches (14cm) width and 16.9 inches (43cm height). You should note the dimensions in case you want to replace the glass shades in the future.

7. LITFAD Tiffany Baroque Style Chandelier Light

Vintage Chandelier Light Fixture

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This Tiffany-style decorative chandelier makes a perfect fit for dining rooms, living rooms, restaurants, and other places you like to decorate with antique lights.

The pack contains all the mounting accessories and a guide. This makes the light fixture easy to install. More so, the light is equipped with an adjustable chain/cord, this lets users adjust the height to their preference.

This antique tiffany chandelier gives off excellent lighting effects, but you need to use the recommended bulbs to enjoy the warm ambiance. Bulbs to use are E26/E26 base—LED, CFL, or incandescent base bulbs. The wattage per bulb is 31 to 40W, and it requires 9 bulbs.

The fixture width is 37 inches (95 cm), while the height measures 27.5 inches (70 cm)

8. Chloe Lighting Tiffany-Style Victorian 3-Light Mini Chandelier

Tiffany Style Chandeliers

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So this is the last of our picks. But note that being last doesn’t make it any less. It’s unique in its own way and comes with excellent features that make it great in decorating and illuminating indoor and covered outdoor spaces.

It’s actually a handcrafted mini chandelier with stained glass and sparkling crystals. The light is made with high-quality materials that make it quite durable.

More so, the fixture uses 3 lights, and the required bulb is an E26 type A base bulb—60W max. This fixture requires hardwiring to get it on. So you may have to get a qualified electrician to install it.

This light makes a bold statement in your bedroom, living room, dining room, and more.

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Tiffany-Style Chandeliers—Related Questions

Are Tiffany-style lamps outdated?

No, Tiffany-style lamps are still popular, though mostly for those who like to design their homes the traditional way. The design also fit modern homes. As you may know, Tiffany-style are typically designed with stained glasses, which makes colorful additions to the home furniture.

What kind of bulb does a Tiffany-style chandelier use?

The bulb used on a Tiffany chandelier lamp depends on the type of fixture you have. Most modern Tiffany-style chandeliers use E26/E27 base LED, CFL, incandescent, or halogen bulbs.

How do you clean Tiffany chandeliers glass shades?

Is your chandelier hung where you can easily reach it? If not, you need to unmount the fixture to enable you to clean the shades correctly.

Here are the steps to take:
  • Switch off the lights or unplug from the power source. This is for safety.
  • Allow for some time for the lampshades to cool.
  • Next, rub ammonia-free glass cleaner on the shades and clean gently using a soft cloth and dry afterward.
  • Use a feather duster to dust the light shades from the inside.

Note: You might not need a substance like glass cleaner if the shades are not stained. Also, if your shades are too dirty, you may have to remove the lampshades from the fixture to enable you to clean them thoroughly (washing). So you may need help to disassemble the fixture and assemble it after the cleaning.

Why are Tiffany lamps expensive?

Genuine Tiffany lamps are carefully handcrafted with high-quality materials and they have a long lifespan. They’re almost maintenance-free; you may only need to change bulbs and perhaps the lampshades periodically. The lamps are not machine made so it takes a lot of work and time to handcraft each lamp. So this should be the reason the lamps are somewhat expensive. However, the lamps are worth the prices as they last quite long.

Are Tiffany-style chandeliers still in style?

Yes, Tiffany chandeliers are impressive additions to both modern and traditionally designed homes. The lights are known to emit a warm ambiance that creates a natural atmosphere. The fixtures are also used as decorative lights.

Wrapping Up

If you’re purchasing any of these Tiffany-style chandeliers to use where you already have other light fixtures, you should pay attention to the color. You want to ensure it matches other light fixtures or furniture in your home.

On the other hand, if you’re replacing your old fixtures, size is the primary thing to consider. We have added dimensions of the various fixtures in our selections, that should help you get a suitable replacement for your old lights fixture.

If you are only looking to replace your Tiffany chandelier style, here is a post that points you to suitable replacement glass shades for chandeliers and others.