The 8 Best Indoor Stair Lights

One effective way of preventing falls on the stairs is to keep the stairways lit. So, you need stair lights to keep your stairs illuminated at night. But as you may know, stairs could be indoors or outdoors and our focus in this article is indoor steps. You may want to read about our recommended outdoor stair lights here.

That said, if you’re looking to use lights on your indoor stairs, there are specific lights designed for stairs and we want to help you find the best of them.

So for your needs, we have handpicked the best indoor stair lights that use LED bulbs, equipped with motion sensors, battery-operated, and packed with other exciting features.

Ready to have a look? Let’s head right there!

Our Top Picks at a Glance:




Mr. Beams Battery-Operated Indoor Motion-Sensing LED Stair Light

LEONLITE 120V Dimmable Indoor LED Stair Light

Stick-on Battery-Operated Motion Sensor Stair Lights

OSTWIN Dimmable Indoor LED Stair Light

AMIR Motion Sensor LED Stair Light

LED Indoor Step Light—LED Recessed Mini Stair Light

OxyLED Battery-Operated Motion Sensor Closet Stair Light

ZISUYU Battery-Operated Motion Sensor Indoor Stair Light

Best Indoor Stair Lights — Reviews

1. Mr. Beams Battery-Operated Indoor Motion-Sensing LED Stair Light

Indoor Stair Lights

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If you’re looking for a battery-operated indoor stair light, here is one of those to consider. While it comes with a long-lasting battery that ensures stable stairways lighting, it also uses LED bulbs that give off bright light (up to 35 lumens) but consume less energy. Probably what you’re looking for, right? And that’s not all about this stair light.

The light also features motion sensors that detect motion from 10 to 12 feet away. Though designed for indoor use, the light is weatherproof and UV resistant.

The light covers more than 120-square feet per fixture and comes with a built-in light sensor equipped with auto shut off—20 or 60 seconds to conserve battery life.

More so, installing this light is pretty simple as it requires no wiring. The dimension for each light is 1.81 x 3.5×3.15 inches.

2. LEONLITE 120V Dimmable Indoor LED Stair Light

LED indoor stair lights

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This indoor staircase light is dimmable, which means you can control the brightness to suit your mood. Apart from its dimming features, the light comes in an aluminum shell that guarantees durability and optimal performance. Yes, it’s ETL certified, which further authenticates its quality.

The light uses AC 120-volts power, so you won’t need a transformer to get it working. More so, it has a working temperature range of -4℉ — 104℉, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s dustproof and waterproof, which means it can withstand moisture and other elements.

This light has a long lifespan—rated 30,000hrs. It’s also easy to install, as it comes with all Installation accessories and 6.8 inches’ power cord. It works with a standard junction box, so you can use it to replace your old stair lights with no additional installation.

3. Stick-on Battery-Operated Motion Sensor Stair Lights

LED indoor stair light

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Here’s another excellent battery-operated stair light for indoor use. It’s packed with many exciting features that ensure durability and bright light to keep your stairways lit and thus safe to walk on at night. Apart from keeping your stairs lit, the light also adds more colors to your stairs and the entire indoor space where it’s used.

More so, the light comes with an automatic motion sensor that automatically turns on the light when it detects total darkness. The motion sensor also activates lighting when it detects movement from 19 feet. The light stays on for about 20-25 seconds after detecting motion and switches off after 20 seconds of no motion.

The light is also energy efficient and uses 3* AAA batteries to provide soft illumination for up to a year.

The pack contains 6 motion sensor stair lights, 12 screws, 6 adhesive pads, and a user manual to aid the installation process. Besides, it requires no hardwiring, and that makes the installation easy.

4. OSTWIN Dimmable Indoor LED Stair Light

Motion sensor indoor stair lights

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Looking for a stair light suitable for indoor and outdoor stairs? Here’s one of those that tick all the boxes. It’s designed to offer bright light to illuminate your stairs at night for safe walks. The light.

There’s more; the light features a sleek and low-profile design that fits perfectly with various staircase designs. It also features a corrosion-resistant steel body and LED lighting that illuminates your stairs with no glare.

If you love to use dimmable stair lights, this light is an ideal option as well. It is packed with dimmable features that let you dim the lights from 100% to 10%. It also has modern LED dimmers and a 90° beam angle ensures uniform lighting.

Overall, this light is durable, elegant, and performs optimally. It’s also weatherproof and can withstand moisture and other elements. It’s easy to install and comes with the required installation accessories and instructions.

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5. AMIR Motion Sensor LED Stair Light

battery operated indoor stair light

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As the title says, this is a motion sensor indoor stair light. So if you need a stair light equipped with extra sensitive motion sensors, you won’t be wrong opting for this. It features a smart motion sensor that uses PIR infrared technology to detect human motion from a 9.84ft range. It lights up as soon as motion is detected and auto-off after 20 seconds of no motion.

The light uses LED bulbs, and it gives off soft warm lighting while consuming less energy. More so, it comes with a 3-meter adhesive sticker that lets you stick it on a wall or cabinet easily. The installation only takes a few minutes as it requires no screws. You can also disassemble it easily without tools.

This light is battery powered, and it has durable batteries (3*AAA replaceable batteries) that keep the light on when you have no access to electricity or decide to cut energy bills.

While it fits perfectly on indoor staircases, the light can also be used in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, basement, etc.

6. LED Indoor Step Light—LED Recessed Mini Stair Light

Indoor Stair Lights

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This light is designed for stairs but also suitable for other uses. It offers night security and high quality LED footlight. You can connect it directly to your existing power supply (85 – 230V).

The light is portable and fits well on stairs, porches, corridors, etc. While it offers enough bright light to illuminate the stairs, it also serves as decorative lights regardless of whether it’s lit.

It’s also easy to install and comes with installation accessories such as mounting plates and set screws. Moreover, the light uses LED bulbs, which means warm light and less energy consumption.

7. OxyLED Battery-Operated Motion Sensor Closet Stair Light

staircase lighting for indoors

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OxyLED has a good number of positive feedback from current users and has also passed the test of durability and excellent lighting. It’s a battery-operated stair light and also packed with motion-sensing features. It senses motion from 3 meters away and turns on the light immediately. Note that it only turns on the light when it’s dark and puts it off after 15 minutes of no motion.

In terms of durability, the light features a durable aluminum design with a brushed steel finish. This makes it quite sturdy and long-lasting.

This light also consumes low energy as it’s battery-operated. So you won’t have to worry about energy bills even though your stair lights stay on throughout the night. Moreover, it uses 4 AA batteries—durable and long-lasting.

On installation, you may decide to use screws or stick it to the wall. Of course, it comes with a 3M sticker and screws, giving you the option of choosing the installation method that works best for you.

8. ZISUYU Battery-Operated Motion Sensor Indoor Stair Light

Indoor Stair Lights

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Looking to cut down energy bills, but want your stairs illuminated when it’s dark? Then this light is for you. The light is designed with motion sensors that detect movement from 13.12ft and automatically turn on the light and also turns it off after 30 seconds of no motion.

So the light ensures the stairs are illuminated for safe walking at night while also making sure the lights go off after some time to save energy. Sounds good, right? That’s what you get from this light and more.

It’s durable and lightweight—designed with ABS plastic materials that last long. The light sticks easily on various surfaces as it’s lightweight.

More so, the light gives off bright and warm lighting effects. It’s easy to install and comes with 3*AAA durable batteries.

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Indoor Stair Lights Related Questions

Where should indoor stair lights be placed?

You can place the lights horizontally on the tread or vertically into the riser. On the other hand, if your stair lights are wall sconces, you can install them on the wall—high enough to avoid head bumps. Also, ensure the lights are spread apart to illuminate the whole stairs. And if you’re looking to use decorative rope lights, you can install them along the length of the handrail.

Do I need to place a light on each step?

No, you don’t need to install a light on each step. However, you should space them correctly—to avoid creating dark spots when lit. The goal is to ensure you illuminate the entire stairs without creating dark spots. But if you’re considering aesthetics and you think putting a light on each step makes for better decoration, you can go for it.

How do you light up indoor stairs?

You can light up your stairs by using stair lights such as linear step lights, tread lights, sconces, handrails, and hidden lights. You can check our picks for the best indoor stair lights to keep your stairs well lit.

How many stair lights do I need to light up my indoor stairs?

First, you need to ensure the lights illuminate the whole stairs. You may try 1 light every 3 steps, as that tends to provide uniform light for the whole stairs. But this depends on other factors such as the brightness of the light. So the number of lights you need may be determined by how bright you want your stairs to be.

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Wrapping Up

While you may consider safety as the paramount reason for needing stair lights, aesthetics can also be a plus if you get elegant lights. You also don’t want your energy bills to skyrocket by keeping your lights on at night.

So these are some factors to consider when looking to get indoor stair lights. Be sure to check the energy-saving features, durability, and perhaps style.

Luckily for you, we have considered all these features in our selection, so you can scan our picks to find anyone that appeals to you.