Does August Smart Lock Work Without Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a key feature in most smart locks, as users need to control their locks remotely via the internet. August specifically has a smart lock with built-in Wi-Fi—August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and other models that need a smart hub to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

For sure, August smart locks (like other smart locks) need Wi-Fi to perform certain functions. But does that make them completely dependent on Wi-Fi to work? Let’s find out!

Do August smart locks work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, August smart locks can be operated without Wi-Fi as they can also connect via Bluetooth or Z-Wave. However, you need Wi-Fi if you’re looking to control your lock remotely.

If you’re still curious about how the August smart lock works, you want to continue reading.

August Smart Locks and Wi-Fi: Here’s What You Need to Know

Wi-Fi in a smart lock is a type of communication protocol that allows you to connect to your phone and other smart devices to control your lock remotely. For example, an August smart lock that comes with an in-built Wi-Fi can connect directly to your phone—where you can perform functions like locking, unlocking, changing access codes, and more via the app on your phone.

However, this doesn’t mean you must connect to a Wi-Fi network to control your smart lock. Generally, smart locks are designed with buttons or touchpads that lets you input your password for locking and unlocking. So Wi-Fi only comes in when you’re looking to control your lock remotely.

Even so, August smart locks also work with other communication protocols such as Bluetooth and Z-Wave. With either of those communication protocols, you can connect to your phone directly or via a hub for remote control. Read more about Wi-Fi and other smart locks communication protocols.

August Smart Locks: How They Work

August has various models of smart locks, and each one has some unique features. In this guide, we focused on the connectivity and other means of operating an August smart lock. Let’s get started.

August Smart Lock (AUG-SL04-C03-N04)

Does August Smart Lock Work Without Wi-Fi

This August smart lock model (AUG-SL04-C03-N04) features a built-in Bluetooth that allows users to connect directly to their smartphones and other smart devices. With the Bluetooth function and August app on your phone, you can lock, unlock, change access codes, and more.

However, connecting directly via Bluetooth means you can only control your lock when closer to it because Bluetooth has a limited range.

So for this August smart lock, it uses Bluetooth as its communication protocol, and you don’t need Wi-Fi to operate it unless you want to control the lock remotely. And you need the August Wi-Fi Bridge or a third part smart hub to enable you to connect via Wi-Fi.

The lock also supports Alexa and Google Assistant when connected to a hub.

August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Generation)

Does August Smart Lock pro Work Without Wi-Fi

August Smart Lock Pro is somewhat the upgraded version of the August smart lock (3rd gen). It features two built-in communication protocols—Bluetooth and Z-Wave.

Again, you don’t need Wi-Fi to operate this lock; it functions well with Bluetooth or Z-Wave. But to extend the range for remote control, you sure need Wi-Fi, and this lock is configured to connect with the August Wi-Fi Bridge and third-party smart hubs like Samsung SmartThings.

The lock is also compatible with voice assistant devices like Alexa and Google Assistant.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Unlike other models, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, making it the first August lock that connects directly to smartphones without a smart hub. The lock also has a more portable design that makes it stand out.

The lock works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. You still don’t need a hub to connect it to voice assistant devices; the built-in Wi-Fi does the job.

Though this lock is built around Wi-Fi, you can still operate it without Wi-Fi as it has another communication protocol—Bluetooth. Even with its built-in Wi-Fi, you may decide to put it to rest to save battery and connect via a smart hub.

The bottom line is, Wi-Fi is necessary to get the full functions of the August smart lock, but your lock won’t stop working without Wi-Fi.

Note: You need to have the August app installed on your phone to operate your lock. The app works with Android and iOS devices; you should check for compatibility before you get one.

It’s also worth mentioning that August recently introduced the smart keypad that lets users control their locks without a phone.

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Related Questions

Do you need August Connect for all August smart locks?

August connect is required for August smart locks without built-in Wi-Fi. With the new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, you don’t need the August Connect to pair your lock with your phone. So you don’t need August Connect for each lock, but only those without built-in Wi-Fi.

What is the difference between August Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro?

August Smart Lock (3rd gen) and Smart Lock Pro are two different models of August smart locks. Though they have a similar design, the features are not all the same. The August Smart Lock Pro is moderately the upgraded version of the August Smart Lock. It features both Bluetooth and Z-Wave and is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, while August Smart Lock only supports Bluetooth and could work with Google Assistant and Alexa when paired with a compatible hub.

What does the August Wi-Fi Bridge do?

The August Wi-Fi bridge is August’s smart hub that lets users connect their August locks (without built-in Wi-Fi) to their phones and other smart devices. For example, a smart lock without built-in Wi-Fi cannot connect to a smartphone directly, so a smart hub is required to connect and translate the data between the different communication protocols.

Read more about smart locks and smart hubs here.

Can you manually unlock August Smart Lock?

August smart locks are designed to fit with your existing deadbolt, meaning you can still use a physical key to unlock your door manually.


So that’s it! A typical August smart lock can work without Wi-Fi. Even so, Wi-Fi is necessary for those that want to control their locks remotely—say from their place of work, vacation, etc.

Tip: Keep in mind that August has different models of smart locks—with the most recent one designed with built-in Wi-Fi. Other models feature Bluetooth and Z-Wave, which means you may need a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to the internet. If you’re looking to connect directly to your smartphone without a hub, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is your best bet.